The best news ever!!! (XP)

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The best news ever!!! (XP)

My husband had a more detailed scan this morning to follow up on his scan from a couple weeks ago. We were very grateful to get a call from his oncologist within a few hours. After examining the scan and consulting with a radiologist and a surgeon, they are all convinced that the suspicious spot on Michael's liver is NOT cancer. They think it's most likely scar tissue and/or the residual effects of the terrible post-surgery infection he had back in April. His doc wants to follow up with blood work in about six weeks (which is really not unusual, as Michael still goes in for blood work pretty regularly anyway) and possibly another scan in six months just to monitor, but the official word is that Michael remains in remission.

I am so grateful and relieved. It feels like a monumental weight has been lifted, and now we can get on with our lives. I couldn't even let myself get excited about the baby before Sad

Thank you so much for all the kind words and well-wishes - it's meant so much to me.

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PHEW!!! Oh thank goodness. I don't know you but after reading through your blog post I was on edge waiting and hoping you would post an update. I'm so happy to hear it was good news!

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That is the best news ever! I'm so happy for your DH and family. I bet that is totally a weight lifted off of you both.

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That's awesome!!! Such good news! I know you must be incredibly relieved to have some answers.

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Oh Lisa that's fantastic news! I had a feeling that everything would be OK! Now you can relax a little bit and enjoy your pregnancy!!

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That's amazing Lisa!! I'm so thrilled.

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That is great news!

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I already posted on your blog but just wanted to respond here so I can do a happy dance for you! :pinkelephant:

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That is the best news!!! So happy for you guys!

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Truly wonderful news! Congrats!