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Big U/S

I posted this on my BB as well but thought I would share with you ladies. It is undeniable that we are having a...



He was definitely NOT shy about showing his goods And the u/s tech said she would be willing to bet her salary on this one since it was so clear.

Everything looks good. I am measuring just a couple days ahead which doesn't really count for much. He is already head down with his face to my back and I hope he stays that way. He was a little wiggle worm and she had to get the shots quickly before he moved. And at one point it looked like he was scratching his butt ROFL

Oh yeah and she said I had a couple of contractions during the u/s. She could see my muscles tighten and then released and asked if I could feel it. I could mildly. Has anyone else had this happen? She did say I was very hydrated and had plenty of fluid and the placenta attached on the backside of my uterus, nowhere near my cervix. Everything I was hoping for, and everything I've been visualizing in my Hypnobabies Smile She also said that my c/s scar looks perfect.. Biggrin I knew that you gals would understand how important this is to me especially since the babes are relatively close in age!

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Congrats on the boy! Sounds like it was a great appt overall! Love that he was scratching his butt. Smile

I started having BH contractions that I could feel, but were not at all painful right around 20 weeks, so....

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Congrats! I love littles boys- so much fun!

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Congrats on a little boy and great appointment! I have no idea what BH feel like, so I have no clue if I am having them or not.

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Great news! Congrats on getting a little boy. It sound like you are all set on your VBAC!!!!! Yahoo

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Little boys are soooo much fun!!!! (girls too!!) But yay for one of each!!!!
And yay on all the other great news! What a fun day!

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nak again. congratulations on your boy and everyhing looking good at your u/s. The BH sound normal to me, esp. for a 2nd pregnancy. I think I started feeling them around the same time, maybe earlier.

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Yay, congrats! I'm no help on the BH, though--I think I *might* have had a couple last night when I was way overdoing it and exhausted, but I'm still not entirely sure.

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Congrats!! That is so exciting!

I had BH really early on my last pregnancy (that was my 2nd) I think by 15 weeks I was getting them. This pregnancy has been opposite...I've just really begun to get them and more regularly in the past few weeks.

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Congratulations on your little boy! Glad you had a great appointment! Smile