Big u/s results and midwife stuff...

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Big u/s results and midwife stuff...

Yesterday was a good day and a bad day all wrapped up into one big ball. First I ended up going to the dr. to find out that I have a mild case of bronchitis, joy. In the evening we had our big u/s. Baby is looking good and healthy. All the measurements were around 18 weeks 5 days, I was 19 weeks 1 day. So 3 days behind. BUT that's normal for my baby's. He loved having his hands open and flexing his fingers, we never saw them in a fist and the tech said she never sees that in a little baby. We found out that we are being blessed with another BOY! A little bummed that I still don't have a little girl, but with how spoiled she would be I' thinking she might just wait to follow up and end the pack. Though I love my boys I'm tempted to just call 3 good and not risk having a 4th boy, I'm a little nervous as to how I am going to be able to handle 3 boys. :confused: I am happy though and I know the Lord will bless me with the strength and ENERGY I need to take care of 3 boys. This one did seem calmer than my other two. For their u/s they would not hold still. This one just liked to move it's hands and arms with the occasional stretch. The placenta is low but not on the cervix, so I "might" have to go back in for another u/s to make sure it's moving up and not down. I've never heard of it moving down before, anyone else? I'm okay with having another u/s though as long as our danged insurance covers it. The tech was saying they might but might not. She is fighting with them right now and gave us a letter FROM the insurance saying they will cover her but she just doesn't have the paper work from them saying that they are covering her.

Now our midwife emailed me last night and let me know that she has hit a hiccup with our insurance covering her. They are trying to say she is an out-of-network provider. Well when she talked to them earlier this year they were setting her up as an in-network-provider. So now she is fighting with them trying to get that straightened out BUT until then my pre-natal stuff IS NOT covered. That means that we now have to pay our midwife when we were told that she would be covered by the insurance. (the insurance plan we are on doesn't cover ANY out-of-network) So we are going to pay her what we can until we can get our taxes next year to pay her off, unless the freaking insurance pulls their heads out of there butts and stops being dumb. Anyway, so we "might" have to pay $150 for the U/S yesterday and will most likely have to pay $1,800 for our midwife. SO not what I had in mind!

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I have 4 boys. I don't really have a feeling about this baby's gender though. Sorry about the insurance drama.

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Gah-- the insurance thing is so frustrating. We were able to petition that bc our insurer didn't have a provider to cover our needs (for a HB) that ours was "excepted" and considered "in network"--- good luck!

I know I was a bit bummed when Lexi was a girl. I really wanted Miles to have a brother and finding out he wouldn't was hard for me. Now it is fine and I wouldn't trade Lexi for the world, but I totally understand that bit of disappointment that you are feeling. ((HUGS))

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I should probably make sure to say, that I really am happy for a healthy baby! I would be lying to say that I'm not disappointed to not have a daughter (yet), but I really am happy to have another boy too. Though I do think I will have to go replace a lot of my boy clothes because the ones I have are pretty well stained after 2 boys.

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congrats on another little boy! I totally understand what you mean when you say you might just call it good at 3 and not possibly have 4 boys - but I'm ready to do that at 2 boys!

Sorry about your insurance situation. I hope it all gets worked out quickly. Sounds like your midwife is willing to work with you, so that is wonderful!

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Congrats Krista! You'll have such a fun busy house with 3 little boys! I totally understand how you are feeling though - I really wanted another girl this time, and was a little disappointed when it was another boy. Now I'm just happy it's a healthy baby, and I know you are too!

So crappy about the insurance! I hope they get it straightened out so that you don't have to pay your MW out of pocket!

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My sister in law is the single mother of five BOYS. She loves it too! I can't picture a girl in that household.... except the dog was a girl! Now they are grown men with children of their own.

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Congrats on your healthy baby boy! I know what you mean about wishing for a girl but still being happy about another boy. I'm with you there.

Grrrr to darn isurance. I really hope she is able to get in network and be covered. Ours covered 60% of out of network last time but only would pay out after the birth. It was stressful paying so much out of pocket. I always told myself the money would make its way to us and everything would be fine but its still a lot to come up with in a shortish amount of time.

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What ever we pay we are keeping the receipts and filing them in with our taxes as medical cost. We should get most of it back that way at least. There were just something we really needed, and wanted to take care of with our taxes next year that are going to have to get put on the back burner again. I WILL NOT do another hospital birth. I need to look forward to the birth of this baby and enjoy it and I wont be able to do that if I have another hospital birth. So for me paying out of pocket will hopefully make things better with the fact that I get MY birth.

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Congrats Mama!! I totally get being sad that you've not been blessed with a daughter, while also knowing what a gift it is to be pregnant with a healthy sweet baby regardless of gender. I just had my 6th son and I was very sad at first that my daughter was once again not getting a sister but I am without a doubt completley smitten by him - I think those feelings are very normal & there's nothing wrong with them.

So sorry about the ins drama - how frustrating.

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My midwife mentioned trying for an exemption with our insurance since they don't cover ANY home birth or birth center midwives. May be worth a try. We will be keeping all the receipts so we can submit them with our taxes though and get some money back that way for sure. I'm feeling better today about having another boy. Yesterday was just a bad day for me and a mental break down day.

It's amazing how many people are telling me I should just go with a hospital birth even though that is not what I want, just because it is covered that way we can use our tax money for what we had planned to use it for. But yeah, ummm, sorry I have had two crappy birth experiences in the hospital and I DON'T want another one, "just because it's covered". I'm not willing to put me or my baby at any sort of risk with that again.

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I am sure it is a little hard to not be getting the girl you wanted, but yay for another healthy baby boy! My SIL has 3 boys and loves every minute! My aunt also is a mom to 3 boys and also cannot imagine life another way! Plus now your future little girl will have 3 brothers to look out for her Smile

I know how frustrating it can be when people think that just because a hospital birth is covered that you should just do it there. Our insurance will most likely only cover $2000 of the $3800 cost that we are paying for our home birth. Last time we didn't get one cent back of the $3800 for our birth center birth. It is the best $$ we have ever spent though!!!! So worth it to birth where you feel safe and comfortable!

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Yay for a healthy baby! Sorry it's not a girl, though! And sorry about the insurance issues!

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