Birth attire

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Birth attire

Laugh at me if you must, but one of my concerns is what to wear during birth. I really like just wearing the dumb hospital gown last time - nothing to think about, they change it when needed, etc.

This time, in the birth center, I will have to bring my own clothes of course. I really just don't know what I should wear though. I don't want to be constricted and I honestly hate the idea of getting my clothes all wet or even a little bloody. I can't avoid all of that, but thought I'd get everyone's feedback on what they have worn or will where, etc.

Any suggestions on what is good or bad in labor/birth as far as clothing?

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I kind of like the hospital gowns to... They are practical.

For my hb, I wore yoga capris and long tank top. When things got closer I took off the capris and the tank was long enough that I felt kind of covered.

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For both homebirths I wore boxer shorts until transition. On top I wore a comfy bikini top. I had a loose tshirt for early labour. I didn't find either to be constrictive. Not too much or too little.

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I wore a tank top, sporty bra and a pair of elastic waist long shorts. It was comfortable, but easy/quick to take off if I felt it was too constricting.

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I'm trying to figure this out too! I also like the hospital gowns, but I will be giving birth in a birth center this time. I'm thinking just a long tee-shirt. I don't know. I guess I ended up laboring naked for the most part, BUT after the birth I will need something. I liked the hospital gown for the first few hours after birth because I was still so bloody. So, what do I wear AFTER the birth is mostly my question?

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I bought a really cheap (short style) night gown that unbuttoned at the neck (for skin to skin once the LO was born. Something I could handle throwing out!

I never ended up using it because I also liked the hospital gown Smile

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I wore a spandex like maternity tank top (no bra) and yoga pants while at home. When I got to the Birth center I got right in the tub. I kept the tank on so that I wouldn't be too naked in all the pics the midwives were taking. lol It worked out really nicely! Since the tank top was part spandex it didn't cling to me in the water like a cotton shirt would have.

After the birth I was naked in bed (on tons of towels and with a towel and cold pack between my legs near my lady parts. I had nice warm blankets covering me and of course my baby was laying skin to skin on my chest. We stayed that way until right before we left (about 5 hours later). Then I had a nursing tank and some roomy yoga pants and of course a some depends on to go home in.

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There are those Binsi skirts. You can buy disposable hospital gowns if that is what you're really most comfortable in. Like these ones are SO CUTE.

I mostly labored naked...the whole I was at the hospital I was naked. Smile

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On etsy you can buy cute hospital type gowns. They aren't cheap though.

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I've been thinking about this a lot too... and I can go any day now! I'm still undecided. I like the hospital gowns but I can't decide what to do if we have time to get in the hydrotherapy tub. I'll take my nursing tanks and see. Maybe I'll just go nakey most the time and have the gown to cover up when wanted.

ETA: And I agree with PP... I don't know what to wear after. Of course, I'm different cause I am doing a hosp birth.

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I had a sports bra/sleep nursing bra type bra for the top, since I would be in the tub...ended up wearing nothing on the bottom the whole time Lol

I did have a loose cotton skirt (knee length) as well as a strapless cotton beach cover up dress. Never got them out of my suitcase, but that is what I had planned.

I needed to have just the top on in the tub, and then when I got out, baby was born an hour later so there wasn't that long to need/want a skirt on...I was in the bed, water broken, and beginning it just would have gotten in the way.

eta: on the way there I just had on a loose shirt and fleece sweats...I put that stuff back on afterwards (not until a few hours after...I laid around in the bra and depends underneath the sheets of the bed for a little while, napping and cuddling and whatnot)

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i liked being naked for both my birth center birth and hb

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For my homebirth I wore this grey cotton nightdress (had a bit of lycra stretch to it). I found it at a discount department store for under $20. I wore an old sports bra type thing under for the pool. I didn't think I'd be totally comfortable being naked. I wanted to have something that was easy on and easy off. I was pretty happy with it.

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I'm thinking that I'll wear my tankini top and boxers and just take the boxers off for the tub. I want pictures taken, but I'm not really into my dad seeing pics of me nekkid. Smile

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For DD's birth I wore the hosptial gown, but for DS, even though I was birthing in a hospital again, I was determined not to because I felt strongly that the gown was a disempowering symbol for me. I bought a knee-length stretchy cotton nightgown. I ended up with it pulled up over my belly pretty much the whole time. I also had some issues trying to get it off and back on when I showered after the birth because I ended up with the IV.

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Hmm... I tend to go with hosp gown or nothing. Lol I like a sports bra for on top. I like the idea of boxer shorts for the bottom if you have to bring your own.
After I'll probably do the hosp gown, too, but I brought some old exercise/sweat pants which are in pretty rough shape in case I feel like wearing real clothes. And nursing bras and shirts. I figure the top half probably won't get too gross.

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Totally not silly! I actually don't like the hospital gowns, I find them always fitting wrong on me and they end up being more annoying than useful for me. With my last DD I got so frustrated trying to figure out what to wear, my mom and I made these 'wraps' out of light terry cloth. When on they look like little night gowns (cover all your bits but they just velcro under the boob area! What was really great was that they worked before, during and after!

Between that and a sports bra, I didn't really need anything else. And I'm one of those mom's that for some reason gets insanely hot while in labor and usually end up nikkid yelling at anyone who tries to cover me up Blum 3 (My poor mother was traumatized, she just wanted to put a cold cloth across my boobs... I almost slapped her LOL)

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Last time I think I did a sports bra and boxers. I wore the sports bra while in the laboring tub, with nothing on under that. I think this time I am going with a black sports bra and a black maternity skirt slip that I got at Motherhood. It can be worn over or under the belly, is about knee length, and very comfy and will allow easy access. I am planning on picking up a pretty new nightgown for myself to wear afterward once I am cleaned up: something I can nurse in.

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I bought some larger men's boxer shorts and a loose t-shirt. I wore them for my first son's birth. My second son came so fast that I ended up wearing the maternity shirt I walked in with and nothing on the bottom because my water broke all over my pants... haha

I was a bit anti-hospital gown because I associated it with my c-section.

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I've had all three of my babies in the hospital and am planning to do the same with this baby, so I only have experience with the gowns. They're plenty comfy though, so if you're not delivering where they provide you clothes, I suggest you go and buy a comfy and inexpensive gown (walmart or target) that way you feel concealed where you want to be and they have easy access to baby!

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I wore a spaghetti strap night gown dress that went down to my knees and was made from a jersey knit. I had 2 black ones and one red one from pregnancy and used all 3 during the birth. I got them cheap at target. Also used a my bikini while in the tub/shower.