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    Default Birth attire

    Laugh at me if you must, but one of my concerns is what to wear during birth. I really like just wearing the dumb hospital gown last time - nothing to think about, they change it when needed, etc.

    This time, in the birth center, I will have to bring my own clothes of course. I really just don't know what I should wear though. I don't want to be constricted and I honestly hate the idea of getting my clothes all wet or even a little bloody. I can't avoid all of that, but thought I'd get everyone's feedback on what they have worn or will where, etc.

    Any suggestions on what is good or bad in labor/birth as far as clothing?
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    I kind of like the hospital gowns to... They are practical.

    For my hb, I wore yoga capris and long tank top. When things got closer I took off the capris and the tank was long enough that I felt kind of covered.

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    For both homebirths I wore boxer shorts until transition. On top I wore a comfy bikini top. I had a loose tshirt for early labour. I didn't find either to be constrictive. Not too much or too little.

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    I wore a tank top, sporty bra and a pair of elastic waist long shorts. It was comfortable, but easy/quick to take off if I felt it was too constricting.
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    I'm trying to figure this out too! I also like the hospital gowns, but I will be giving birth in a birth center this time. I'm thinking just a long tee-shirt. I don't know. I guess I ended up laboring naked for the most part, BUT after the birth I will need something. I liked the hospital gown for the first few hours after birth because I was still so bloody. So, what do I wear AFTER the birth is mostly my question?
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    I bought a really cheap (short style) night gown that unbuttoned at the neck (for skin to skin once the LO was born. Something I could handle throwing out!

    I never ended up using it because I also liked the hospital gown
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    I wore a spandex like maternity tank top (no bra) and yoga pants while at home. When I got to the Birth center I got right in the tub. I kept the tank on so that I wouldn't be too naked in all the pics the midwives were taking. lol It worked out really nicely! Since the tank top was part spandex it didn't cling to me in the water like a cotton shirt would have.

    After the birth I was naked in bed (on tons of towels and with a towel and cold pack between my legs near my lady parts. I had nice warm blankets covering me and of course my baby was laying skin to skin on my chest. We stayed that way until right before we left (about 5 hours later). Then I had a nursing tank and some roomy yoga pants and of course a some depends on to go home in.
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    There are those Binsi skirts. You can buy disposable hospital gowns if that is what you're really most comfortable in. Like these ones are SO CUTE.

    I mostly labored naked...the whole I was at the hospital I was naked.
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    On etsy you can buy cute hospital type gowns. They aren't cheap though.
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    I've been thinking about this a lot too... and I can go any day now! I'm still undecided. I like the hospital gowns but I can't decide what to do if we have time to get in the hydrotherapy tub. I'll take my nursing tanks and see. Maybe I'll just go nakey most the time and have the gown to cover up when wanted.

    ETA: And I agree with PP... I don't know what to wear after. Of course, I'm different cause I am doing a hosp birth.
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