A Birth Blessing a Friend of mine Sent

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A Birth Blessing a Friend of mine Sent

Between the snowy weather and the crystal clarity of the midnight sky, I felt something wondrous and magical stirring in my soul last night. You popped into my mind and heart so I wanted to send you a love letter of support.

Always remember....

You and your baby are a MIRACLE.

Your body is a BLESSING and is DESIGNED for this BIRTH DANCE.

There is more LOVE, PRAYERS, & WELL WISHES surrounding you and your family than you could ever imagine.


Your BREATH is a wondrous WAVE within your body. Ride it JOYFULLY and it will carry you HOME.

TOAST yourself with every sip of water you take in labor. This moment is to be CELEBRATED.

RELINQUISH every fear and let if flow freely from your body each time you get up to pee.

Consider the POWER of your contractions to be a symbol of the POWER and COMMITMENT of your love.

TRUST yourself and your baby. WISDOM and WONDER are joined in your womb and about to enter

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that's really beatiful, Mindie, TFS

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Beautiful. Smile Thank you for sharing that! I'll be passing it along to other birthing mommas.

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that is awesome!

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That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Biggrin