(one day, maybe when pregnant next I will feel comfortable losing this tag)

I had all my bags separated ( yes I am a freak) with a Mummy bag, a baby bag and a Daddy bag.
I had a hospital birth and all my hospital provides is nappies.
In he Mummy bag I had pjs( you could trade for appropriate labour clothes), toiletries, a book, going home outfit, camera and charger, mp3 player.
In the Daddy bag was snacks for hubby and I, a spare set of clothes for hubby, some water and I think that was all. That bag was to come into the delivery room with us.
In the baby bag was all I needed for bub, some wondersuits, nappies for going home, a snappi (required by the hospital because they provide cloth nappies only), going home outfits (boy and girl because bub was a surprise), some muslin wraps, socks and a few baby bits and pieces which obviously weren't important because I can't remember them

I packed for a natural birth even though I knew it was a highly likely c section (breech) so I would take all the same next time, also in the three bags to keep things more organised. Next time I would put the camera in the Daddy bag though.