"the Birth Movie"?

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"the Birth Movie"?

Facebook gave me an ad to see "the birth movie", so I clicked through- http://www.thebirthmovie.com/. Says it's put on by Indie Birth Natural Childbirth. (cool enough site from what I've seen- http://www.indiebirth.com/)
I thought it was well done. Slow, but well done. Kind of lacking any real call-to-action, but good all the same.

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I thought it was kind of nice as a way to encourage women to think about their options. I wish someone had encouraged me to do so earlier in my first pregnancy. I kind of like how it is non-specific so that it comes off as non-judgemental, but I'm not sure if it fully addresses the problem of "not knowing what you don't know," kwim? I wonder if seeing that film would have been enough to get me to research natural birth back before I knew about it? I honestly don't know.

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It was nice to watch, but I felt it never really gave any direction to "what" they were trying to encourage women to research and fine, etc.

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Facebook gave me that ad a few days ago. I liked that it made you stop and think (I assume it would make other women do so if they didn't know they had choices etc) but I agree that it really didn't give enough guidance/direction to those who might not be inclined to actively seek more information.