Birth rape article (Read with caution!)

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Birth rape article (Read with caution!)
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Thanks for linking to this. I actually signed up for a BabyCenter account to leave a reply to her original post. Here's what I wrote:

I joined BabyCenter just to leave a message for you. My heart was racing just reading the summary of your experience in a blog entry, and I had to come here to see if there was more information from you. Having now read through 17 pages of wonderful support (and a few idiots) and your updates in which I can hear the frustration & sadness all these months later, I have two pieces of advice that have not been mentioned yet.

First, please contact your local district attorney's office. What this hospital did was criminal assault (cutting open your body without your EXPRESSED consent and against your expressed refusal) and false imprisonment (keeping you in the OR when you didn't want to be there & administering a drug to prevent you from leaving on your own.) The people involved need to be prosecuted. Unlike medical malpractice, you don't have to prove that you were harmed or damaged, you only need to prove that they violated your right to informed autonomous care (that's fancy talk for making your own medical decisions.) There has never been a medical malpractice case against a doctor for not doing something they were asked not to do, so there was absolutely no liability to them in honoring your wishes.

Second, please contact your local elected representatives and ask for their help, it's their job to protect their constituents & help make things right. Ask for their help in holding these people and this hospital accountable. Ask for their help in getting the medical review board to investigate the doctors, and whatever state agency licenses hospitals in your state to investigate the hospital. Ask them to investigate & see if this happened to other women. Ask them to write a "Mothers Rights" bill to bring attention to the issue. It's easy for doctors & boards to ignore you because they think you're a nobody who will go away; it's harder for them to ignore an elected official, especially one who sits on health care boards and/or won't hesitate to go to the media if they don't get good answers. You don't have to give up your privacy; media interviews can shield your identity while still telling your story.

And finally, you mentioned wanting to forget that this ever happened. Please don't. We need women like you standing strong and saying, "This should never happen to anyone else!" I had a traumatic birth myself (also general anesthesia, but because my daughter's heartrate stopped, and I wasn't even in labor!) so I do understand the temptation. Trust me, with time, you will build bridges over & fences around the big hole in your heart and you won't fall into it so much. When you do, take a few minutes to channel the sadness & anger into action & advocacy. Send an email, make a phone call, post a reply to a new mom in a similar situation, and then let it go & turn back to your beautiful baby & love on him. Sending you tons of emotional healing vibes. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. (((hugs)))

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Wow, how awful! Definitely the opposite of informed consent! And it MUST be illegal. They straight up LIED to her, that wasn't just withholding information.

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HO-LY BALLS. I hope they are suing the PANTS of that entire hospital. That is beyond words.

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I have no words... I really hope she sues and takes this as public as she can! How horrible...

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I'm not going to read it because I'm pretty sure I've read this before and was horrified. Stuff like this should never, ever happen.

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I only read the article that was linked... does anyone know if there has been any response from the hospital? Have they made any statement? I mean, the story is SO crazy that when I was telling my step-mom about it she was like, "There has GOT to be more to it..." which I think we all want to believe... that it couldn't have actually happened that way... but of course, I'm not one to say this lady is lying either. It really is just such a horrible Jackie said, it should never, ever happen.

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OMG that is crazy. So horrible....

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If you click on the article quoted in the blog entry, and then click on the BabyCenter post, you can read 17 pages beginning with her story, which is from last year. I think her son is now 17 months old. She posts a couple of updates about being frustrated with contacting a lawyer & trying to report the hospital. She got copies of her medical record, which she says are filled with lies. She tried to talk with the doctor who performed the surgery & he refused. He wasn't her doctor or anyone she met before or after, but she has his name from her son's birth certificate. I'm appalled that a doctor who performed surgery on someone refuses to discuss it! That alone should be grounds for discipline, but her state said no, it's not. Bottom line, I believe her and I hope she's able to make this right. It's too late to help her, but it can help others who might find themselves in the same situation.

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I'll admit, as a violent rape survivor, I really really dislike the term birth rape. Thats just me, though.

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I couldn't agree with you more potter. Was her person violated, from what was written, it soulnds like it could be..but rape...That's a whole different violation...