The Birth of Scarlett Rose

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The Birth of Scarlett Rose
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What a beautiful story and a beautiful baby! Welcome to the world, Scarlett Rose!

I've been trying all morning to comment on your blog but the comments page won't load, guess you have extra traffic today for some reason. Wink

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That was beautiful...thank you so much for sharing! You have such a lovely family.

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Beautiful, amazing birth story. Your newest daughter is truly a miracle! Congratulations to your whole family! Biggrin

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Awesome! Brought tears to my eyes. TFS!

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Yay, Lisa. What a beautiful story.

Seth was born with a nuchal hand/arm, too. And I agree, ouchie! Not like my other births with that darn hand there!

I love the detail of your story and the photos. Congrats, mama. Scarlett truly is a miracle and was meant to be here. Enjoy your baby moon!

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Thank you for sharing! I loved reading your story. Scarlett is a miracle baby and was meant to be in your family. So glad everything went well.

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Beautiful story and beautiful family! TFS!

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Congratulations on a wonderful birth Lisa! Scarlett is beautiful!

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I'm so glad to see this update, I had wondered how things were going with you. She's beautiful and speedy once she's ready Smile


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What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing with us! Smile

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Congratulations, Lisa! She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your birth story!

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Beautiful story. Congrats on your new LO!

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amazing story! Congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl!