Birth Story: Please don't have your baby in my van!

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Birth Story: Please don't have your baby in my van!

This is a Hypnobabies birth story told from the perspective of the doula. It was a really fast birth and had a few unusual circumstances that made it fun to read.

Enjoy Birth: Please don't have your baby in my van!

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That hospital staff sounds really annoying, good thing she had a doula with her. As I was reading it I thought for sure it was local to me, the thing with the car sounds like something that would happen here.

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I believe the doula whose blog it is lives in Orange Co., CA

Something like that could happen at any of the places I've lived in apartments--parking enforcement in the college town we lived in in UT is notoriously heartless, and in AZ, we had one of our cars towed out of our apartment parking lot because the registration expired.

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Thanks for sharing, that is an interesting story!

My mom's labor with my younger sister was two and a half hours from start to finish. She was afraid that she was going to give birth in the car ride to the hospital. When she checked in, the nurses didn't believe she was so close and didn't see the need to call the doctor. A half hour later, the nurses delivered the baby.

Sorry to go on a tangent, but this makes me wonder - does anyone know if fast labor can be genetic? Like, if my mom had a history of fast labor, does that have any implication for me?

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Wow! What a story!

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Fun story. Too bad the nurses weren't a little more accomodating.

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great story! Irritating hospital staff!!

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Hmmm. Sounds a lot like the hospital staff in the hospital I birthed in. That is a huge factor in me doing a home birth next. Great story though! I think my birth would have been faster as well had I not "interrupted" it with having to go to the hospital. Possibly even a full hour shorter.

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