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    I realized I never shared my birth story here. Better late than never
    (copied and pasted from by birth board)

    Alexa Jadyn’s Birth Story

    On Tuesday June 26, DH & I went to the store to get some stuff for dinner & say hi to my coworkers. We BBQ’d some Kalbi chicken, ate, & DH headed out to look at some big screen TVs that we had been wanting to get. He called from Circuit City & was looking at one to buy; basically playing good cop-bad cop trying to get a deal by telling the salesman that his wife didn’t want to spend so much money. As we were talking on the phone he asked if I was okay because I didn’t sound very good. I replied that I was “feeling funny.”

    I started having contractions, but at first just thought it was weird stomach pain. After awhile, I felt them not only in my abdomen but they radiated all throughout my back. Between 9:30 and 9:45 that night I started timing my contractions. They were about 9-10 minutes apart and I was able to relax or doze off in between them. At 10pm I switched the channel to start watching the news, but quickly realized I was falling asleep and ended up turning off the TV. The contractions kept up until about 1am & were about 7 minutes apart at this time. When I got up to go to the bathroom. There was a lot of blood so I woke up Glenn and decided it was time to call the Maternity Center. They said it sounded like the beginnings of labor, but to wait to come in since the contractions were still so far apart. I expressed concern that I hadn’t been feeling Alexa move as much so they instructed me to drink some water and juice and do a fetal kick count. I was supposed to call back if she didn’t move like she should. I laid down and drank 2 small glasses of cranberry juice and Alexa was moving around just fine.

    After doing the kick count, the contractions kept up at about 6 or 7 minutes apart but then slowed to 10-12 minutes apart, and then around 20 minutes apart. Somehow I was able to fall asleep between 2 and 4am. I woke up at 4 and the contractions were still going. I woke up DH and we laid in bed for awhile.

    At 6am, I called the Maternity Center again. My contractions were still about 6-7 minutes apart on average, but weren’t even really regular. I told the labor nurse I didn’t know if I should come in now or wait. She encouraged me to wait it out at home as long as I could because I would be much more comfortable. She said most first time moms coming in having contractions ever 3-4 minutes were only about 3cm dilated. I said “I just don’t know” and she replied that when I couldn’t take it at home anymore I would know. She said they would leave my file out and just to call and tell them when I was heading in.

    We turned on the news and Glenn fried up some eggs and made me toast and sausage. We started getting our things ready & I took a shower. I later learned that DH said he remembered from class that I needed to eat. How sweet!

    My contractions got stronger after I got out of the shower. They were hurting very bad in my back. I laid on the bed but my contractions, although stonger, never really got regular. Sometimes there would be one after only 3 minutes, then 6, then 9. They were all over the place. Finally at 8 I called the Maternity Center to tell them I was coming in. They were still wary because my contractions were, on average, still pretty far apart. I then realized it was 8am so my doctors office was open. I said maybe I would call there. The labor nurse said “do whatever you want, just call back if you’re coming in.” I called the office and they had me come in because they were going to hook me up to the NST and check everything out.

    As soon as we got into the car, my contractions quickened to 3-4 minutes apart all the way there. Luckily, it was only about a 15 minute drive because they were also getting a lot more intense. Dr. C checked my cervix and said I was 5-6cm. She said “You’re having the baby today.” As we walked to the maternity center I was elated. Already 5-6cm. That’s over halfway there. I became more confident in my ability to do this delivery naturally. The doctor’s office called as we were waiting to be checked in & the receptionist asked me if I was being induced. Apparently I must’ve looked pretty darn good . Then we met Cindy, who I soon would find out if the best labor nurse ever! I told her about all the pain in my back and she encouraged me to lean on the railing each time I had a contraction as we walked to our room. We got settled into room 2172.

    I was hooked up to the monitor for about 20-30 minutes. Cindy encouraged me to try different positions every 30 minutes as it would help with trying to deliver naturally. So after the monitor we walked the halls for 30 minutes, got in rocking chair (I did not like that at all and only stuck with it for 3-4 contractions), and sat on birthing ball. Cindy said maybe the tub would be next step because it helps a lot of people with the pain. She told me she would have to check my cervix first because they don’t want you in the tub if you’re at 10cm. Cindy went to her lunch break and we got a new nurse for a bit. She checked me in the tub and said I was at 10cm but my water bag was still intact. She let me stay in the tub for a bit while she called Dr. C to see if she wanted to break my water.

    About noon the doctor came and broke my water. She asked Cindy, who was fresh back from lunch, if I had been having any back labor to which she replied that was all I had been having. Dr. C said the baby was traverse and I immediately panicked. Traverse?!!?! I looked at Cindy and said “She’s traverse?” She must’ve been able to sense my concern because she reassures me & the doctor explains that Alexa has moved so she is facing my hips/pelvis and not my back anymore. So Alexa is halfway to where she needs to be. Doctor explains she has to do a quick surgery & encourages me to hold off pushing as long as I can since it can be very tiring and take a long time for first time moms and to give Alexa time to turn around more.

    Cindy has me get on my knees leaning my arms over the back of the hospital bed which was semi-upright. I keep breathing and Glenn gets me a popsicle. We do this for about a half hour until Alexa’s heart rate dropped suddenly. Cindy had me move positions since Alexa didn’t like that position anymore. She had me lay on my left side and immediately Alexa’s heart rate went back up. She had my try a test push and then said it was time to call Dr. C and have the baby. She takes a picture of Glenn and I and says “Ready to push and smiling—don’t show this to people, they’ll be mad.”

    The doctor comes in and asks if I’m about to have a contraction because she says she can’t tell by my face. Said she never would’ve guessed I was 5-6cm this morning by looking at me that morning.
    Time to push! After a few pushes, I say “It feels like her head is still out of me” and Cindy has me reach down and touch Alexa’s head. After only 5 or 6 pushes (about ten minutes worth) Alexa Jadyn is here!

    Born June 27 at 2:13 pm, weighing 6lbs 8 oz and measuring 19 ¾ inches long.

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    Default Heres Mine!

    Well, it all started Monday morning at 11 o'clock when I had my 40 week appointment. They hooked me up to the monitor to listen to his HB and monitor any contractions I was having, and left me in there for about 20 mins. DH had been unable to sleep the night before, so he was there with me in the office. He commented on how he thought that William's HB had slowed down after one of my really hard contractions.

    When the doctor finally came in the room, she commented on the decel and said they were sending me to L&D. She said she couldn't send me home after a decel that lasted that long - that had me scared. She did an internal and swept my membranes... I was NOT happy about that. I was only dilated to 1 cm, and she packed me up to go to L&D. I managed to hold it together until we were almost out to the car. Sweeping my membranes automatically disqualified me from the birthing center, and my doctor wanted me to start pitocin as soon as I got to L&D. At that point, I already knew I would end up with a c-section.

    We got to L&D and I was contracting on my own every 2-3 mins so I refused the Pit. Labored on my own for about 5 hours and I wasn't dilating at all so they started the Pit. The contractions got very intense but I was able to breathe through them. I labored that way for about 2.5 more hours and still wasn't dilating at all. At that point they came back in and told me they wanted to put internal monitors on the baby, which would require them to break my water. I completely lost it and DH told everyone to leave us alone for a few mins. They came back a few mins later and broke my water, which was one of the most painful things I've ever experienced - probably because I was only dilated to 1 and the guy had at least 2 fingers inside of it. I sobbed for probably 20 mins later because I was so overwhelmed and in so much pain. I'm not a person who cries in front of people, but at that point I couldn't contain myself anymore. About 10 mins after they put in the monitor, they said he decelerated again and the best option was a c-section. Once again, I lost it and DH told everyone to leave us alone for about 10 mins.

    My OB came in to talk over the procedure and get the paperwork signed, and she just got me in a bigger panic. Her bedside manners were terrible, and she basically made me feel like if we didn't do the c-section RIGHT NOW the baby could die. She made me feel like I was being selfish by not jumping at the chance to have the c-section. It definitely did not help my nerves. I basically told her and everyone else involved that I didn't want to know what was going on, I wanted to be left in the dark through the whole process. They brought DH all his stuff to wear into the OR and wheeled me over to the OR. I tried to stay calm and pretty much zoned out. The spinal didn't hurt but it was very very uncomfortable, and they had to do 2. Meanwhile, my OB was practically yelling in my ear to sit still and relax.... yeah, right.

    They brought DH in and he sat in a chair next to me. Our anesthesiologist nurse was so awesome... He made me feel very comfortable, talked with me while they were prepping me, held my hand with the spinal, kept me comfortable with the procedure. We are going to send him a thank you card for being so awesome. He was talking with DH through the procedure, keeping him up to date with what was going on. They were all very respectful of my request to not know what was going on, they whispered between each other, spoke in code, or spoke very quietly. They also turned the radio on so I couldn't hear them talking. It was nice to feel like at least that part went my way. They told me I would feel a lot of heavy pressure at the bottom of my lungs at one point, and boy did I! I felt it and panicked because suddenly I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I was worried I was having an asthma attack (my brain doesn't work well on pain killers). Then I heard a gurgle and a cry and I knew my little boy had just been born. I got to see him very briefly, and then they took him to get him cleaned up and get the testing done. His apgars were 9 and 9, and his bilirubin numbers were 5. He is perfectly healthy!

    He has quite a set of lungs on him, he screamed for what seemed like an eternity until they finally handed him to DH. He asked how big he was and they said 6 pounds 14 ounces, we both had to ask twice because he was so little compared to what we thought he would be. They said he was 21 inches long and the first thing DH said was "If he were a pike, that would be a keeper." Men and their train of thoughts! He and the nurse talked a little while longer while they were closing me up and then they moved us to the triage recovery room.

    It was the first time I actually got to see my little guy and I couldn't believe how perfect he was. I got to breast feed him for about 30 mins total, and I did a lot of skin to skin contact. I wanted to bond with him since we hadn't gone through the vaginal delivery I wanted. He breast fed like a champ and then DH and I just sat and stared at him. We finally got moved to our recovery room where DH managed to call our parents to let them know William had been born. We got about 2 hours of sleep that whole night, which was very hard since we hadn't been prepared to go to L&D that day. We were only expecting to go to the doctors appointment and then come back home, luckily DH grabbed our hospital bag! Neither of us had eaten either, DH was too busy attending to me all day Monday and I wasn't allowed to eat because my doctor wanted me to have a c-section. So by Tuesday morning, we were exhausted and hungry and overwhelmed by everything. We did manage to get some sleep by Tuesday evening and Tuesday night and that really helped recharge our batteries.

    I can say, I have never been so ok to get so little sleep. I was up all night Monday just staring at my beautiful boy. We are both so in love with this little guy. DH has been amazing since we went into L&D. He is head over heels in love with William, and has done a complete 180 with everything. He even complained that he couldn't feed the baby more! I'm amazed at how well hes adjusted to being a daddy... and he is perfect at it. I have barely put him down, I just love to hold him. I don't care if he is asleep or awake, I just want him with me. Its so awesome to finally hold him in my arms. DH's parents came over to see him today and FIL kept tearing up when he was looking at William.. It really is life changing... I can't believe that a human being can be so little... its amazing.

    Overall, I'm feeling really good. My incision doesn't hurt and I've been keeping my pain meds to a minimum. My back does hurt a little, but I think thats just from laying in a bed for 2.5 days straight. I feel really good about the c-section, no guilt or anger about it. I know its what was best for us both and it saved my son's life. We were very lucky that he decelled at the doctor, because his cord was very tightly around his neck and his cord was not functioning as well as it should have been. All I can say is that every single thing I didn't want to happen happened, I had the exact opposite L&D I wanted and I still came out feeling very positive about it. I can only recommend that you prepare yourself for every type of delivery, and know what you want for each situation. Its what I did, and I think it really helped. These LOs are coming out however they want and there is nothing we can do about it!

    We are home now and settling in. The kitties are not very happy so far, but it will take some time. I'm having to supplement with formula because I can't keep up with his eating needs. He is eating 45 mls every 1.5 - 2 hours, which is twice as often, and 15 mls more than what they say he should be eating. But the pediatrician said as long as he is spitting out the bottle to indicate he is done eating, let him eat what he wants - so thats what we are doing!

    I still haven't had a time to put the pictures on my computer.. I promise I will post them soon! Sorry for the novel, just wanted to have it all recorded! I'm going back to staring at my handsome little man I never knew I could love someone so much until I looked at him staring back at me...

    ~~Missing my lost love Isaac, gone at 14 weeks but in my heart forever~~

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    Default Tehani's Birth Story

    This is the story of a planned NCB with hospital-based nurse-midwives that ended up as a medically-managed vaginal birth, mostly because of the hospital policy about ruptured membranes and a knife-happy on-call OB.

    I decided at 34 weeks of pregnancy that I wanted to try for a birth with as little medical intervention as possible, including avoiding pain medication. Because of this decision, I decided to switch from my OBGYN to a group of midwives in who attended births at a different hospital and who were more supportive of some of the things I wanted to try to be able to have a natural, unmedicated birth. Here's what happened:

    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    When I woke up I felt like some liquid was trickling out of me and thought that I might have been leaking amniotic fluid. I knew I had a midwife appointment that day, so I wasn't too worried about it. I was also having some contractions--they were about 10-15 minutes apart for a while, but then I didn't feel any for a while, and then I feel back asleep. I went to my appointment and the midwife Mindy did some tests to determine if amniotic fluid was present and they came back negative, but she said that the tests could just not be picking it up, and if I still felt like I was leaking later, I should call the midwife on call and probably go to the hospital to have them check it. She checked my cervix and said that I was 1.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced with the baby at -2 station, which is a big change from the previous week were my cervix was high and closed. I knew it didn’t really tell me anything, but was is nice to know I was making progress.

    Friday, February 1, 2008

    I woke up at 2:00 am and once again I felt liquid come out and my underwear was wet. I started having contractions that were definitely different from Braxton-Hicks contractions. I called Abby, the midwife on call, and she was with another patient at the other hospital where the midwives also attend births, but she told me to go to the hospital and get checked. I went in and got hooked up to the monitors and they checked to see if my membranes were ruptured. The test with the litmus paper said it still wasn't amniotic fluid. Some of my contractions didn't register on the monitor, but the nurse told me that happens a lot. I was dilated to 2 cm now and still about 80% effaced--so that was some progress. My blood pressure readings were a little high, but I think it was all the nerves and excitement. They called Abby, and she said just to give me a paper with warning signs of pre-eclampsia (none of which I had) and send me home until my labor was more advanced. The nurse used that thing that startles the baby to get a few more good accelerations on the strip, and then sent me home.

    We stopped at the grocery store on our way home. We got some gatorade, candy, and a few other random things. I got a lot of contractions while we were walking and I delt with them just fine, but they did hurt. I came home and sat on my birth ball at the computer for a little while, and sitting like that was nice, bouncing seemed to help, too. At 6:00 am, I called work and let them know I wouldn’t be coming in because I was in labor (I knew I couldn’t take care of a room full of three year olds while having these contractions) Then I listened to my relaxation CD that came with the copy of the Hypnobirthing book I bought and went to sleep for a little while.

    When I woke up a few hours later, I let Tiatia continue to sleep for a while and I ate breakfast, watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls on DVD and took a bath. I wasn’t having many contractions now. I ate lunch and Tiatia woke up. I decided I needed to do something, so I did a load of dishes, cleaned the counters in our little kitchen, swept the floor, did some dusting and cleaned the mirror, counters, and sink in the bathroom. I guess my nesting instinct had finally showed up. My contractions seemed to pick up quite a bit with all of that moving around. I found it really helpful to breathe deeply and either lean forward on something or bounce on my ball during them. Tiatia’s sister Heiporo invited us over for pizza, so we went and brought my ball with us. I felt like I needed to urinate after every contraction I had, and when I went to the bathroom there was a little pink show every time. At one point, I lay down on Tiatia’s lap on the couch and fell asleep. I don’t know how long I slept, but I definitely needed it.

    When we got home from Heiporo’s, my contractions seemed more frequent and they were intense. Tiatia suggested I get in the tub, so I did. The water was nice and relaxing. Since we only have an average sized bath tub in our apartment, I found sitting sideways in the tub with my legs crossed to be comfortable, and during contractions I would lean forward against the side of the tub and breathe deeply. Tiatia got a cup and poured water over the parts of me that were out of the water. He got me a glass of water to drink, too. He had to work on some homework, and I was doing fine, so I sat in the tub by myself for a while. I wanted to listen to the playlist of relaxation music I had on the iPod, so Tiatia set up our iHome in the bathroom and I just sat there listening to the music and breathing, and by this time it was after midnight.

    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    I tried to keep track of how close together my contractions were with the clock on the iHome, but it got to a point were the contractions were too distracting to remember the times. I was also feeling a little nauseated at this point. When Tiatia came to check on me, I had him sit with me and write down the start and stop times for the contractions. They were averaging four minutes apart and lasting about a minute each, so after timing them for about an hour, I got out of the tub and called Claudia, who was now the midwife on call. She said it was up to me if I wanted to go to the hospital or not and that I’d probably be okay to stay home for a little while. She could tell from how I was able to talk to her that I was not close to giving birth. It was about 3:00 am by now.

    Tiatia decided to put on a movie, so I tried to rest and watch the movie. I couldn’t lie down during strong contractions, though, so when I felt them, I got up and bounced on my birth ball. We watched the movie for about two hours (it was a long movie) and then I just felt like I wasn’t handling the contractions that well anymore. I think it was the lack of sleep that caused me to get the shakes. I think the contractions had spaced out a little now, but I was just feeling out of control and like I was having a hard time coping, so we decided to go ahead and go to the hospital. Heiporo had volunteered to come with us to the hospital and help out, so we went and picked her up and headed to the hospital. It was almost 6:00 am when we got there and I got in to triage. They hooked me up to the monitors and took my vitals and all of that.

    The time I was in triage is a bit of a blur. I remember the nurses checked me and found that I was still only about 2 cm, but was now fully effaced. They let me rest for a while because Mindy’s on call shift would be starting at 8:00 am so they said they were going to let her sleep a little longer. I listened to my relaxation CD and it helped a lot. Tiatia and Heiporo said that there were contractions measuring on the monitor, but I don’t think I really felt them. I don’t remember what the nurse was doing when she noticed a little puddle of fluid under me, and said “I think your water broke.” This time, the test was positive for amniotic fluid, so they had to keep me. I think lying down had caused Tehani's head to disengage, allowing the fluid to leak. While I waited for Mindy to get to the hospital, I rested again, listening to my music. This time the contractions spaced out.

    When Mindy got there, she tested me again and I was, in fact, leaking amniotic fluid. I’m pretty sure I had been leaking since Thursday, but Mindy could count time of rupture of membranes as when the hospital had found it, 7:15 am. She told me that it looked like my contractions had slowed down, and said she may need to give me pitocin. I cried and told her that I really did not want pitocin, that I wanted to get up and walk around and see if activity could get my contractions going like it had on Friday and she said I could do that.

    They got us in to a room. I think I was the only one there at the time, so they gave us the one with the view of the Mt. Timpanogos temple because Heiporo had said we wanted that one. The nurse was really nice and got me a birth ball (we had left mine in the car) and told me that she would do intermittent monitoring of the baby, which she did by holding the monitor on my belly with her hand (or letting me hold it there). She also said that if I did end up getting pitocin, I still wouldn’t have to stay in bed, even though I’d have to have continuous monitoring, because she could get me a telemetery monitor.

    Tiatia and I walked laps around the labor and delivery floor for the next couple of hours. During contractions he would hold me and I would lean against him and try to relax. Sometimes I would take a break by sitting on the birth ball. When we were walking, Mindy stopped us and told us that she had a different doctor backing her up than she usually has, and this guy was more intervention-minded and not as familiar with the way she does things. He wanted her to start me on pitocin right away, and she knew he would want that, and that’s why she had taken a while to get to the hospital that morning, so she could give me as much time as she could to progress on my own. After my reaction to the idea of pitocin, she had told him that waiting six hours is just the way she does it. She said that with her usual doctors, she can get twelve hours, but she wasn’t going to push it with this guy. That meant I had until 1:15 to make progress, and then we had to do the pitocin.

    At 1:15, I had still not progressed, despite all the walking I was doing. I was desperate to avoid the pitocin, and wearing myself out even more because of it. We also tried some natural oxytocin stimulation, but it didn’t seem to do much. Mindy told me that because the break in my membranes was high up, there was still a bag of waters between the baby’s head and my cervix, so she was going to rupture it. I agreed, since my water was already broken. I wish she would have offered to do that earlier, or that she had given me more time after that to progress on my own, or just did pitocin and waited on the membrane rupturing, but she broke the headwaters and a ton of fluid rushed out, and they hooked me up to the IV and got the pitocin started right after that. Mindy had explained that she uses pitocin very gently, starting with the lowest dose and gradually increasing if necessary, and that if my cervix starts to change, she could turn it off and see how I would continue on my own.

    Well, they gave me the lowest dose, and I immediately threw up and started feeling very intense contractions, much closer together, and I screamed like I never have before in my life--I didn't know I was capable of making a noise like that. I was still in the bed, and the nurse pushed on my knees during the contraction, which helped. She taught Tiatia how to do it, so he pushed on my knees for the next few contractions. Then somebody suggested I get on the birth ball, which I did. I found I could get through the contractions by bouncing and breathing deeply to the rhythm of the bouncing (in-bounce-bounce-bounce, out-bounce-bounce bounce). Tiatia sat behind me and bounced me with his hands so I didn’t have to use my legs to bounce. I had to have continuous fetal monitoring now because of the pitocin. Between the contractions, they wanted me to lean back against Tiatia so they could get good readings on the baby’s heartbeat. I was fine leaning back, but then when the contractions started, I had to pull myself upright, which was a bit annoying. Tiatia asked me if I wanted my music, but I said no because I was very focused on what I was doing and music seemed like it would be a distraction. I think I also didn't want Tiatia to leave my side to find the iPod--I needed him with me that badly! I think if I had listened to it, it may have helped me relax and take my mind off the pain.

    Tiatia suggested the tub at one point, and that I agreed to. Mindy was sitting with us most of this time, helping me breathe. She checked me and found I was still not progressing and said we needed to up the dose of pitocin. I freaked out and said I did not want her to that it hurt and I couldn’t do it. She said she could give me an IV med to take the edge off, and I said that if I got in the water and it didn’t help, I wanted something. They went ahead and increased the pitocin, and I got in the tub. The water helped a little, but not enough. I think that, psychologically, knowing I was getting more pitocin made everything worse, though physically, I don't think I actually felt any change in the contractions.

    Mindy called Tiatia out of the bathroom to talk to him. He came in and told me that I was doing so well, but we still had a long way to go and I was so exhausted from the lack of sleep and dealing with contractions for so long. He said that the back up doctor wanted to do a c-section for failure to progress if I didn’t show change by 6:00 pm. I think it was almost 4:00 by this point. He said that if I got an epidural, I’d be able to rest up for the pushing, which rest Mindy felt I really needed. With an epidural, they could also increase the pitocin as much as they needed to get labor really going. I agreed to the epidrual because I didn’t want to deal with the pitocin contractions anymore, I really did not want a c-section, and I just wanted my baby to be here.

    It was tough to deal with the contractions until the anesthesiologist got there. I had given up the idea of doing it unmedicated, so I wanted the pain to be over. My mother-in-law got there after they sent for the anesthesiologist. She coached me on relaxing, and was so sweet, but I had given up. She had wanted to be there earlier, but she had to translate in Tahitian for the funeral of President Hinckley. I got out of the tub and got back on the birth ball for a while. I asked Mindy to check me before I got the epidural to see how far I got on my own. She said it was about 3 cm. Then the anesthesiologist got there. While he was setting up, I sat on the bed and Tiatia looked into my eyes and told me I was doing great.

    I was happy with the epidural because it did not make me completely numb, but I couldn’t feel the pain from the contractions. The epidural was on my left side, so I had to lay on my right side to get it to spread to the right. They told me about the button that would give me more if I needed it, but said that if I suddenly started feeling something, to tell them before I pushed it so they could check me, because starting to feel something usually means you’ve made progress. They also put in a catheter and an internal contraction monitor, so they could know how strong the contractions were to better judge how much pitocin to use.

    About an hour later, Mindy checked me and I was 4 cm, which was a change, but Mindy later told me it wasn’t as big of a change as she expected. I switched over to my left side. I think there was a reason (besides that it was comfortable for me) but I don’t remember. Tiatia got me the iPod and I listened to my music and dozed. Then I started feeling the contractions on the right side of my belly again, so I called the nurses and told them. Mindy came and checked me again, and now I can’t remember how many cm she said I was, but it was a big change—7 cm, I think. She had me change back over to my right side and said I should push the epidural button.

    I rested some more, and then I started feeling pressure. I also noticed that my heart was racing. The nurse came in to check on me and I told her all of this. We figured the racing heart was just excitement. She told Mindy about the pressure, and she came and checked me again and I was 9 and a half cm. The next time she checked, there was still a little lip of cervix on my right side. My mother-in-law came in and had me concentrate on opening my birth canal during the contractions. Once the lip was gone, it was time to push. It was about 9:00 pm when I started pushing. Because of the epidural, I had to be in a semi-seated position for pushing, putting my chin to my chest and grabbing my thighs. They coached me to hold my breath and push to a count of 10, three pushes for each contraction. Tiatia supported my left leg and the nurse held my right. Tiatia kept rubbing my leg, which was sweet, except the leg he was holding was the numb one and it was really weird that I couldn’t really feel it. I watched the progress of Tehani's head in a mirror. Mindy massaged and supported my perineum and had me switch to pushing to a count of 5 as Tehani’s head emerged. Then she had me stop pushing and we had a baby at 9:54 pm.

    Mindy put Tehani on my stomach. She was having a bit of a hard time breathing, so Mindy clamped the cord (the pulsing had slowed, but not stopped) and Tiatia cut it, and they took Tehani to the warmer so they could suction her and drain her lungs. Then they did all the procedures, weighed her and all of that, and wrapped her up and gave her to Tiatia. He and his mom took pictures of her. The placenta was delivered and I was surprised at how large and, well, organ-like it was, having never actually seen a placenta before. Then Mindy stitched me up. I tore in three places, but they were all not very bad tears, only first degree (Mindy later told me that an episiotomy would have done more damage than those tears, so I was really glad her policy was not to do them except for emergencies or to redirect tears headed somewhere you really wouldn't want them). When Mindy started stitching, at first it just felt weird because I could feel it, but it didn’t hurt, but then in one spot it did hurt, so she had me push the epidural button again and used a local anesthetic for the rest of the stitches. My left labium was a tough stitch job because it was torn on both sides, but Mindy did great with it. She said I stretched great and that next time I give birth, I probably won’t tear at all. Tiatia brought me Tehani and I got to nurse her soon after.

    When Mindy came to see me the next day, she told me it is okay to be disappointed that things didn’t go the way I had wanted. She hated that she had felt it was necessary to suggest pain medication. I told her I was sad about having had to have the epidural, but I really felt like I had made the best decision I could under the circumstances. I was exhausted and couldn’t do the pitocin anymore at that point. I also said I would choose a vaginal birth with an epidural over a c-section. She said she didn’t want it to seem like she was threatening me with a c-section to scare me into getting the epidural, but the possibility of a c-section was something we had to deal with, considering the doctor who was on-call that day. Mindy told me she was impressed at how prepared I was and how much I knew about what was going on, and said that sometimes being prepared can work against you, as it did for me and the pitocin, which I had been scared to death of.

    Tehani is a beautiful baby and we love her very much. I didn’t get my perfect unmedicated birth, but I got my perfect baby.

    14 months later, as I reflect on Tehani's birth, I wish I had done a few things differently. I wish I had a doula who could have helped me at home and told me I didn't need to go to the hospital yet, since I think I was only still in the pre-labor or very early latent phase. I wish I had gotten more rest during that early come-and-go labor phase. I wish I could have been sent home even though I was leaking fluid, because things I've read since have shown me that leaking fluid is not serious and doesn't increase the incidence of infection if you avoid frequent cervical checks, which I had too many of. I wish Mindy had not ruptured the headwaters at the same time as starting the pitocin, and the AROM was the one decision I feel like I didn't make for myself. I wish someone could have talked me though the panic I had when Mindy said she would have to increase the pitocin with emotional support, instead of offering pain medication. However much I wish things had been different, the memories of Tehani's birth are still very precious to me.
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    Quentin Vincent M. Birth Story
    4-14-09 ~ 7 lbs, 1oz ~ 19 inches
    35.5cm Head Circumference
    Apgars 9 & 9
    Born at 39 weeks + 3 days
    Born 18 minutes after arriving at the hospital fully dilated; completely natural childbirth

    April 13th - 9 p.m.
    After stopping on Saturday (April 11), contractions have started again, but they aren't regular at all. They come and go and last for about 30 minutes at a time, but then stop for hours. The more walking Christa does the more frequently they come. We are off to bed and just playing the waiting game.

    April 14th - 9 a.m.
    After going to bed, the contractions stopped all together. This morning, they started up again about 9 a.m. Christa is home alone - Kendall is at daycare and Craig is at work. She has been timing the contractions, but they don't have any consistent pattern and so far, they aren't painful, just a bit uncomfortable. Christa is working on getting a few things done around the house just in case this is it. The walking is causing lots of pressure and making the contractions come closer together.

    April 14th - 11 a.m.
    Time to call Craig! The contractions are still highly irregular, but after having two in a row that resembled contractions Christa had while in labor with Kendall (low in the pelvis and shooting down her thighs), she decided to call Craig. Right now, the contractions are about 10-15 minutes apart with a few more frequent and a few less frequent; still no consistent pattern as far as timing apart or duration of the contractions. They are lasting about 30 seconds to a minute each.

    April 14th - 11:45 a.m.
    Craig is home! The contractions are now getting painful and about 5 minutes apart. We are heading into the hospital now! On the way to the hospital, we called daycare and the OB office. The OB office tried to tell Craig that we were coming in too soon -- obviously he wasn't talking to one of Christa's OB's who warned us that labor with Kendall was fast (5-6 hours) and this time would go even quicker! We decided to ignore the woman on the phone and headed into the hospital anyway!

    April 14th - 12:20 p.m.
    We have arrived at the hospital -- it took forever because of lunch hour traffic (normally a 20 minute drive)! Christa's contractions are now about 1 minute apart and VERY painful. They take Christa by wheel chair up to labor & delivery. After signing in, they wheel her into a room and ask if she can go to the bathroom and change into a gown -- Christa's response is "No", so they tell her to lie down and one of the nurses checks her. She is fully dilated and the baby is at 0 station. From here, the fun starts -- the room fills with nurses who are preparing the room and Christa for delivery and trying to find her doctor!

    April 14th - 12:30 p.m.
    Christa's water breaks on it's own. The fluid is clear. The nurses have located another doctor and tell Christa to start pushing.

    April 14th - 12:35 p.m.
    Roughly at this time, Christa's doctor arrives. He asks if he has time to change and the nurses tell him no. He thought they were kidding and asks "Seriously?" They say "Seriously", he takes one look and says "O.K."

    April 14th - 12:38 p.m.
    Quentin Vincent arrives!! The doctor announces that it's a boy and Craig gets to cut the cord. Quentin weighed in at 7 lbs, 1 oz and 19 inches long. Head circumference was 35.5 cm. His apgars were 9 & 9!! The nurses joked with Craig that if we have any more children, he better take a birthing class just in case Christa delivers at home! They also commented on his perfectly round head - said it never had time to "mold".

    Christa tore (2nd degree) and required stitches -- she is sore, but recovering. Quentin is nursing like a champ and adjusting to being in the world. His hospital discharge weight on 4-16 was 6lbs, 10oz. At his follow-up on 4-18 (his due date), he was 6lbs, 14oz and had already gained an inch -- 20 inches.
    Me: Christa, 41
    DH: Craig, 47 (Married: 8/19/05)
    DD: Kendall Evelyn (10/6/06)
    DS: Quentin Vincent (4/14/09)

    : November 2012@ 10 weeks (due date: 6/22/13)
    : June 2013 @ 7-1/2 weeks (due date: 2/10/14)
    : December 2013 @ 4 weeks (due date: 8/9/14)
    : April 2014 @ 4 weeks (due date: 1/1/15)
    : July 2014 @ 4 weeks - Chemical (due date: 3/5/15 )

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    Default Piper Jo Hanna

    People who were in attendance: Midwives Roxie, Judy and Judy's attendant Kacey. My sister (who's a doula but was there to take pics) Teresa, her dd Mercedes to watch the boys, ds1 Jake, ds2 Tyee, ds3 Luke and dh Jason.

    I was having cramps starting on the Friday before she was born. They lasted all weekend and on Sunday I actually thought I was going to have the baby by the next morning. Contractions were at one point 3 mins apart lasting at least a min long. But then they completely stopped. Still had cramping on Monday, some on Tuesday and Wed I had an appointment with Roxie, mostly just to check me to see if I had dilated and check the position of the baby because I was having alot of anxitiy about baby getting into position. I was 2 1/2cm, 50%, -2 station and she asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes. After a few days of cramping and on and off contractions I said yes. Boy did that hurt!! I had it done with Luke but it didn't hurt like this did and I told Roxie that too lol.

    So Thursday April 16th, Jason woke me up to dtd (after having cramps all night lol). He went off to work and a couple hours later the boys climbed into bed with me. I got up to go to the bathroom and lost my plug. First time ever that I even noticed that I lost my plug! I was having contractions but were very mild, I could talk through them, walk, deal with the kids, yada, yada, yada. So I took all the boys so Jake could get his allergy shots. While there the pedi was asking if I was still having ahomebirth and that the hospital was a good place as well and asked if Roxie was going to be there and asked my due date. He's all for natural births, love the idea of waterbirths and loves Roxie, but because homebirths are not very popular and he's had to rush in several times for emergencies of course he was skeptical and worried about homebirths. So after the dr's we went to my sisters, the kids played outside, we had lunch, and I was still having contractions so I decided to go home as my mil was coming up for dinner that evening with her sister and sister's dh (visiting from Tenn.). Got home cleaned the house (sorta), cleaned the bathroom, and still having contractions. They arrived and I told them right away I was having some mild contractions and apoligized for all the toys on the floor, I was not about to bend over and pick them up lol. DH finally got home and I told him I thought we would be sending them home shortly after dinner and that's what happened.

    At 7pm they left, then called back to say there was a house fire down the street, Jason started getting the tub ready and I texted my midwives and my sister and they started heading up. My contractions were 3-5mins apart and 50 sec long but were turning into steady 3 mins apart 1 min long. I was nervous about them not making it so I didn't do much but sit on the couch. I didn't want to make my labor any shorter then it seemed like it was going to be. The boys were terrific while I was in labor. Jake and Tyee would come over and want a hug but if I was having a contraction they backed off and waited, then would ask if I was having the baby lol, I told them yes tonight she was coming! They were sooo excited! I wanted sooo bad to get in the tub but I was fearful of it making my labor progress rapidly, I declined. Jason had the boys put on jammies, then the back labor started, that was horrible! Jason rubbed my back for a good hour staight! At one point I got up to kneel on the floor and lean on the chair, I was feeling pressure but I tried my hardest not to push. Jason continued to rub my back and Jake came over with the flashlight and shown it down low and said "mom I'm making sure she comes head first for you." lol, very innocently. (that goes back to when she flipped breech, the boys thought it was fun to shine the flashlight on my lower belly ) So in the mean time they were all heading up.

    Of course they were all busy so they had to get their backups in order so by the time they actually got here and were able to get through the house fire mess it was 8:30pm. I was getting nervous because I could feel pressure already. Roxie checked me, I was 10 cm!! I asked if I could get in the tub, but they wanted to make sure they could get the heplock in first so as soon as they saw blood they could start me up on pit. Finally got in the tub at 9pm. It felt soooo nice and relaxing, I wished I had gotten in sooner! Pretty much right away started pushing. I could feel her coming down, then go back up. And it seemed to keep happening with a few pushes. During one contraction her head was right there, so I put my hand there and didn't feel a head, it was her membranes. That was such a weird feeling because I had expected to feel her hair. I pushed her head out and Roxie told me to just let it stretch, then the next contraction she told me to push, I said I can't but next thing you know I felt her body exit me and the water break as she slid out at 9:09pm. She was pretty blue and had the cord wrapped around her shoulder and I think because of that there may have been a little tug on the placenta that made a gush of blood come right away. So they shot me in the butt with pit. or that methajone stuff. I just sat and held her in the water, she definitly was a girl! and as much as I wanted to delay cord cutting alittle longer, they were concerned about the bleeding so I let them clamp (it was still at least 2 mins after so it was still somewhat delayed) Jake came over and cut the cord. You could tell he was sooo proud to get to do it! Judy took the baby while Roxie helped me out of the tub into my bed, I delivered the placenta and she massaged my uterus. Judy came in and gave me more methajone (sp?) and pit so I was cramping pretty bad with that, but no hemorraging!! I tried to nurse her but it was hard, she didn't want to latch right then and I was in so much pain, so after the massaging (which was at least 10-15mins) I nursed her and she latched right away. While I was being massaged, Jason weighed her, she was 7lb 2oz, 20 inches and just perfect! And I didn't tear!!

    The midwives and dh cleaned the tub and everything and the house was back to normal in an hour. I just layed in bed holding and nursing my new little one. Who still didn't have a name lol. When everyone left around 2am, the house was quiet, the boys were sleeping, Jason was sleeping, the baby was sleeping and I was up almost all night cramping! I made sure to take motrin with the methwhatever pills after that! Later that day we decided to name her Piper Jo Hanna.

    I couldn't have asked for it to go any better!! It was an amazing homebirth! The 2 reason's I'm glad I had my first 3 in the NCB friendly hospital was because 1- Roxie didn't do homebirths then and 2- I hemorraged badly with Jake, with Tyee they were still trying to figure out what helped me to stop hemorraging and by Luke they had it down pat! I would have loved to be able to sit in the tub after giving birth and just hold her in the water for a few moments, but I guess that's where my situation is unique and even if we decide to have more, I'll probably have the same issues and will never get to experience that part of birth. But overall I was very happy about having my homebirth and feel completely blessed to have 4 beautiful children and 4 wonderful waterbirths! I couldn't ask for anything more!

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    I'm on and actually typing for the first time since the birth!

    We'll see how long this lasts.

    The MW just left, and I just tried swaddling Baby (as yet unnamed) for the first time. So far aso good (1 minute).

    I don't have long enough to do the birth story justice, but basically it went as follows:

    2 weeks of on and off BH contractions, alternating with some pretty good contractions 5-8 minutes apart that woke me up several times on various days.

    On Friday evening (May 1) I had lots of contractions that were quite painful (couldn't read) until 11:30am. I decided to go to bed. Contractions kept coming but I rested between them. At 2:30am (DH was watching episodes of Lost with a friend), I decide that this is enough for the evening and I am going to get some sleep. Somehow my body cooperates, and I sleep until 7:00am. DH and I get up, eat breakfast, and go to the nursery. My contractions are minimal. We go for a long walk (2hrs) in the ravine in the early afternoon. DH calls our friends who are supposed to help out at the birth and asks them where they are because the baby is crowning. They are on the way out the door (5 seconds later) when we show up at their door... I mean, as if DH would be on the phone if baby were crowning!

    We go home (remembering that DH had forgotten to lock the gate and Indy dog was in the back yard). Fortunately she didn't notice and was still in the yard. We went out to eat Indian food. DH is exhausted and falls aleep on the couch. Our friend (who is supposed to be at the birth) shows up and decides he wants to watch Lost some more with DH. I get annoyed and post about it on DH comes back upstairs and says that he just wanted something for Jack to watch while we hand out... Oh. So we talk and snuggle in bed until about 11:45pm. DH then goes downstairs to watch Lost. I fall asleep.

    I wake up and for some reason decide I need to turn the light on. when I move to do that, I feel wet and realize that my water just broke. I dribble my way to the bathroom and get a good gush of liquid in the toilet. Ooops, the rug is a little wet next to the bed where I stood up! I wiggle a bit trying to see if any more liquid will come out. Nope. I go back to the bedroom, check the clock (1:06am), and then call DH (who is downstairs with Jack), and tell him my water broke. I go back to the bathroom and have another gush on the toilet. I call the MW (Barb) to give her a heads-up, at which point I find out that she's a night owl and hasn't gone to bed yet! She asks if I'm having contractions to which I have to answer... "No". I go back to bed. DH sends Jack home to get some sleep (so we can get some sleep).

    I think I get some rest... I'm not sure. At about 3am, I have to get up because I realize the TV is still on downstairs and the noise is bugging me. I am having some pretty strong contractions that I don't time. I just moan through them. I roll over and snuggle sleeping DH who squeezes my arm back as I squeeze his. I don't think he remembers. He was mostly asleep.

    At 3:30ish, I tell DH that it would probably be a good idea to fill the birthing pool. DH is mentally trying to calculate whether it can wait until morning. He wants to sleep. I get up and go to the bathroom.

    (Hey, Baby is hiccuping.. but quiet still...I guess she likes being swaddled)

    I get a good contraction but it seems much better on the toilet - way less painful - and I can rest my head back on the shelf, and brace myself on the counter to my left, and the wall to my right. I can't rest or lean forward, though, because my belly is too sore and in the way. I have the phone with me because I left it in the bathroom after calling the MW at 1am. I contemplate ringing the midwife, but decide not to. I have a couple more contractions. DH has gotten up and is in the process of dressing, and turning the hose on from the hot water talk to fill the birthing pool in the Sunroom. I ask him to come check on me frequently, and to get me my bathrobe because I'm slightly chilly. He comes in a few minutes later and asks if I've called Barb. I had contemplated it, but by the time I figured I could call her, I figured I also had about 30 seconds to talk to her before another contraction. DH called her instead. She said she'd be over right away. I was glad to hear that. DH also called Jack (and his wife Connie and their two kids 12+14yo) who came over right away. DH also called his ex-wife because we had arranged for DSS to come over for the birth if he was with her.

    Jack and Connie showed up, and DH told Connie to make sure Jack wasn't too loud and obnoxious (he and I usually have a friendly sarcastic banter constantly, but during labour that wasn't quite what I have in mind!). Connie come upstairs and asks if I want company. I tell her "no". I was doing well by myself - with periodic checks from DH. I did get him to bring me DSS's desk chair to lean on, and a big bowl because I felt like throwing up. I did have a bunch of dry heaves, but nothing of substance.

    Barb the MW shows up. She takes all her equipment to the sunroom. DH has the Birthing pool mostly filled with Jack's help (with buckets from the hot tub because our hot water tank is small). It's cooled off a little and a couple filled kettles of boiling water need to be added to adjust the temperature, but overall it's fine. (I find this out afterwards)

    Barb comes and finds me on the toilet. She asks me how I'm doing and I'm surprised that I can answer her - despite being mid-contraction. I tell her that I feel really hot and put my forehead on the wall next to me. She listens to me through one contraction and says - "We need to get you out to the pool. This baby is coming soon. You're in transition. I think you're about ready to push." I am about to get up and feel another contraction coming so I start to sit back down. She tells me firmly that I need to keep moving and get to the pool.

    Barb leeds me to out the bedroom door, and down the 6 steps to the kitchen, where I grab DH's arm and have him lead me to the pool (across the back porch and in the sunroom). I am vaguely conscious that Jack is sitting on the couch (camera in hand), Connie is there, and the kids are in the basement playing PS2. DSS is not there. I get in the pool which is blissfully warm (but not too hot). I hear someone way "it's 95f, can we add some more heat?". It must have been Barb. I think to myself that it's warmer than my usual bath water... I wonder what temperature I take baths at usually?

    I get another contraction and I hear Barb ask if there are any washclothes handy. I tell them (mid contraction) that they are on the table on top of the towels downstairs (and they were). I am surprised that I have any understanding of what's going on considering I had no clue what was going on while I was laboring with Reed. I remember thinking how much easier it was laboring with Reed because I didn't go in and out of massively painful contractions. It was much easier to stay in the pain of the contraction than to have to mentally release myself to the pain each and every time they came on.

    Not too much later (3 contractions), I had the urge to push. I remember wanting to move, but finding it too painful. I really wanted to be in the hottub where I could be in a more vertical squat instead of sitting/lying on my back/side. That's what I really wanted. to be in a semi-vertical squat. I remember mildly pushing for a couple contractions, and then Barb said that she was going to do an internal exam. I didn't want it, but in retrospect I'm glad she did. She said I was only at 8cm, and had DH and I breathe (or try to) through the next contractions.

    Barb then asked if I wanted to try to get in a "squat" over the side of the tub (knees wide to stay in the water). I tried and it was just terribly painful and felt all wrong. I collapsed back into my original side/back position. However, just the motion of doing that did something and all of a sudden I was pushing no matter how much I tried not to.

    Surprise! I forgot that I had the whole "pushing the baby out" left. I'd forgotten about that whole part of labour! I mean, I was totally prepared for the pain of contractions and trying to deal with those, and knowing that they would hurt terribly, but somehow I forgot that I had to push a baby out, and that a baby is actually pretty big! I didn't remember it hurting to push Reed out. I remember feeling his head and just thinking how neat it was. Oh my God! How was I going to get this baby out without doing some serious damage to myself! Oh well, I don't have much choice!

    I remember Barb telling DH to come catch the baby and being surprise that Baby was already there. One more push and the head was out. Barb told DH to wait while the shoulders rotated. It couldn't have been more than about 30 seconds when I felt the urge to push again and all of a sudden Baby was out. And then on my chest. Baby squawked right away (didn't have to wait for 2 minutes and try various things like we did for Reed). I think I was in shock that it was overwith already. Baby was making faces and sticking it's tongue out everywhere as if trying to taste the walls. I checked - it was a girl! "It's a girl! I'm wrong 100% of the time!" I said in a very tired voice. Baby latched on about 5 minutes after she was born.

    (Baby just woke up... she had a! I guess she likes the swaddling!)

    Baby was covered in a thick coat of vernix. I was surprised at how bloody the water was (there wasn't any blood at all with Reed), but Barb said it was normal. There were chunks of vernix everywhere - another difference from Reed's birth. My perineum also stung like crazy making me sure that I had a tear.

    Soon after I had another contraction and out came the placenta. With Reed it took 1/2hr... This time it was 6 minutes...

    I found out at this point that Jack had videoed the whole thing on his camera... I'm not sure how I feel about that... I don't know that I want to see myself in labour.

    Anyway - It turns out I have no tears. Baby weighed 7lb3oz. She has dark hair (like DH and I). She was born at 5:14am on May 3, 2009. She thinks with her tongue. Labour lasted an estimate of 1h47minutes (the MW is considering active labour from when I told DH to fill the pool - even though contractions were 6-8mins apart because they were definitely intense and I couldn't walk/talk through them). Pushing was 8 minutes, and 6 minutes for the placenta to come out... I guess it was pretty fast!

    It was only at about 7am that I realized that there was no second midwife. Barb said that she was pretty sure that no one would be able to come fast enough... and that she was right.

    I really liked her all the way through - gentle but firm when she had to be (i.e. to get me to leave my bathroom).

    As for my recovery - I think the afterpains have been way worse than the labour. I didn't sleep for the whole night after because of the pain, not because of the new baby needing changing or nursing. I could easily be talked into medication for the after pains - and the MW tried motherwort which didn't seem to help perceptibly. I've been taking tylenol and Ibuprofen for the past 3 days - and it has given me some relief... Yesterday was good but last night I felt like someone was stapping me with a knife and then wiggling it around for fun. At least it's doing something. Barb said that toay my uterus is the size most women's is after 1 week - and it's only 4 days... And my flow is minimal. So I hope it will be overwith soon.

    OK, enough for now.
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    Celia May
    June 9, 2009 8:05am
    11 days past due date
    9lbs 3oz 20 ½ inches

    At about 11:50pm on June 8th I woke up to some strong contractions that I had to breathe through. Within 20 minutes I knew it was the real deal. Unlike my previous nights of contractions, these were like strong period cramps that came every 6-7 minutes from the start. I called my mom at 12:20am to have her come up as she lives 1.5 hours away and I didn’t want to take a chance that things would progress quickly. It was a good thing I called because by the time she arrived at 2am my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and we had a half hour drive to the hospital. I was able to take a shower just before leaving. My hynobabies easy first stage track got me to the hospital. By the time I got there and into triage the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I was 6cm dilated.

    My doula arrived shortly after we settled into an L&D room. Our nurse was wonderful and a true NCB advocate. We told her about the hypnobabies and then gave her our birth plan which she put in our chart. I was able to have intermittent monitoring and no IV. I drank as I pleased and actually never really wanted food. I was all over the room trying different positions to get comfy in (the toilet was often the best). I found it difficult to listen to the hypnobabies as I kept having to pause it to answer a question or understand what was going on or being said. Two residents stopped in to ask the exact same questions I had already answered when I came in. It was quite annoying and getting in the way of my “zone”. I don’t know what their purpose was as I never saw them again.

    I progressed quickly, as it seemed every time I was checked I was another cm dilated. I got to 8-9cm and had them break my water as the baby was still high and we thought that might help things move along faster. Well it worked. I was 9.5 cm in no time, BUT I had a lip of cervix that would not move out of the way and was starting to swell with each pushing contraction. For the next TWO HOURS I had to keep my body from pushing during each contraction!!!! That was THE hardest part of the whole labor. I was making the loudest sounds and was in so much pain, so exhausted and didn’t know quite what to do to fix the situation. The nurse, my doula, and Elton got me up out of the bed and up leaning against Elton as they felt leaning forward while standing with my hips wide and lose would help move the lip of cervix. It was SO HARD, one to stand and two to not push during those pushy contractions!! Of course this is when the anesthesiologist stops by to start asking questions and I just ignored her and the nurse and Elton gave her short answers.

    Elton and my doula were AMAZING and I could not have made it without them! I was so impressed with Elton. During my most trying contractions he was right in my ear whispering the hypnobabies scripts. It really helped so much to hear them and helped me in a way that nothing else would.

    Just like with Mary’s birth, my OB arrived a half hour before the baby was born. He came in, got changed, checked my cervix and said the same thing about not pushing or I would damage the cervix. Ugh! My doula suggested to more than one person the use of some medication that when put on the cervix can help decrease the swelling, they all brushed it off. We both had the same thought after the birth that even if they thought it was nonsense WHY NOT TRY IT! Whatever. Within 20 minutes of the OB’s check I felt the “ring of fire” burn during a contraction which I hadn’t felt before. They wanted me to get through one more contraction standing and then they had me lay on the bed to check me. During that last contraction I said “I CAN’T NOT PUSH THIS”! It was 8am when the OB checked me and said I was complete! THANK GOD! I pushed her out by 8:05am!

    After she came out everything went beautifully. Elton reminded them just before she came out that I wanted the baby placed on my chest immediately and to wait until the cord stopped pulsating and they did exactly that! It was awesome! We were all shocked to hear that she was 9 lbs 3oz, more than a pound and a half bigger than Mary!

    The OB did an awesome job with keeping me from tearing my perineum, but I did tear slightly the other way and tore a hemorrhoid. I have to say that a tear in the front has been easier to recover from than it was the episiotomy I had with Mary. They asked if it was okay to use a catheter as it would help them properly stitch given the swelling. I consented. The stitching was almost as bad as not pushing during the push contractions even with the local anesthesia. I also had some large clots and the resident working on the stitching after the birth had to push on my belly and “dig” out any remaining clots. OUCH!

    Celia then nursed for 1.5 hours! She’s a champ. She is a bit tongue-tied which is causing discomfort when nursing, but I had an LC help me and she thinks that it will get better once my milk is in and if not then look into getting it clipped.
    Molly & Elton 10/2/04
    Mary 5/24/06, Celia 6/9/09
    Baby #3 due 6/21/13

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    From Harmony's Lodge:
    Quote Originally Posted by harmonybear View Post
    (nak for the last bit of this)

    First off, I am so sorry this update took so long to get out! The wireless network at the hospital was not working for us, so we have been completely out of the loop for the last two days. I have been dying to post this update!

    So... we left off with me out of back labor and going to the doula's house. I labored over there for about 2 or 3 hours (I need to get the time frame from her - I can't remember). I finally got into her hot tub and things started speeding up big time. Contractions were piggy-backing each other, much more intense, and I was feeling pushy. DH went to tell the doula this, and we head to the hospital. I was riding with the doula, DH followed in our car. She was so amazing. The drive to the hospital is 40 minutes long, and No Fun when you're in active labor, but she got me through it. By this time my contractions were 2 to 3 minutes apart and really rough, but we were carrying on regular conversation in-between them.

    At the hospital I had to get my antibiotics for GBS and they had to do a strip of fetal monitoring before I could get in the tub. I arrived somewhere between 6 and 7 cm with the newest midwife at my practice on call (she is SO awesome, I really had the best labor support team imaginable). So they fill up the tub, I get in, and my pain level goes from about a 7 or 8 to a 4 or 5. If you can labor in warm water, especially a birth pool do it!! I cannot recommend laboring in water highly enough. I was so relaxed through labor, it was absolutely amazing. The contractions slowed to ever 4 to 5 minutes, but they were as strong as ever and I was pushing through all of them. At one point the MW checked my cervix again and I was 8 cm dilated. I asked MW and doula if it was "okay" to push when I wasn't 10 cm yet. They both assured me that if I felt like I needed to push, I should. So I did.

    The bag had been bulging since I was in the doula's tub, and during one of my pushes the bag broke. Meconium... It's hospital policy that if there's meconium in the amniotic fluid, you can't deliver in water. So it was out of the tub for me. My pain level went from about a 5 to a full 9. Ouch!! The baby had turned posterior again, I didn't have fluid to cushion the contractions, and no warmth from the water. Once again, the doula worked her magic. She got me into knee hip position on the bed, pushed on my belly, and then did the sacrum release thing backwards. The end result was that the 9 dropped down to a 7 or 8 and I could actually labor again. At some point I started pushing full strength again, moved to the bed, and the midwife checked my dilation. Nine with a tiny lip. That was 2am. I pushed for 23 minutes. Head and body all came out in one last push. DH was attempting to catch her. Umm, she came out a bit too forcefully and shot past him and (luckily) into the midwife's hands. So much for all of my attempts to push slowly. I was lucky to end up with only a 2.5 degree tear (the midwife insisted it was just a 2, but the rather surly OB who was backup that night said it was a 3). Honestly, in my mind the stitching up was the worst part of the entire experience. I don't know if it was because the OB was a bit rough or what, but that stands out in my mind as the most horrible part of all.

    So our little girl was born at 2:23am, 6lb 3oz and 19.5 inches long. She looks all Korean to me, but the Korean relatives say she has my nose. She is a champion nurser, going for 2 hour stints twice last night. In fact, the LC said that it looked like my milk was starting to come in already today, at least on the left side. Going along with that, I am a lot sore. But it's getting better. I was surprised at how little blood loss I've had. Definitely less than with my normal periods, at least at one time. I remember my m/cs were like that, too, but I assumed that was because I was pretty early.

    We have a ton of pics that are better than these two, but they all happen to show me in various states of undress, and I am not willing to put those on the internet!

    (btw, I'm finding it really amusing that my ticker says I still have 4 days to go - that, and my friend who I ate pineapple and eggplant parm with had our abies on the same day!)

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    From Delia's Lodge:
    Quote Originally Posted by babyJtime View Post
    Maria's Home birth Story!!

    I finally have a moment where Maria is sleeping and Jeena is doing puzzles, so here is my birth story from Thursday!!

    3 p.m.: 2 c.m. Dilated, stretch and sweep done
    Irregular contractions and losing mucous plug throughout the day.

    More irregular contractions and losing more mucous plug.
    10:30 p.m. Contractions are 9 minutes apart, lasting about 45 seconds.

    5 a.m. Woke up because the contractions were 5-6 minutes apart, lasting 30 seconds.

    8:30 a.m. Called the Midwife. Contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, lasting 30 seconds.

    9 a.m. Midwife came to my home. 4 c.m. Dilated and fully effaced. Antibiotics for GBS given.

    9:45 a.m. Checked again and 5 c.m. Contractions are still the same. Midwife had to leave to go to a consultation appointment.

    10 a.m. My sister and friend arrive and apply counter pressure to my lower back with each contraction. Much better way to get through contractions!!

    11 a.m. Midwife returns.

    12:30 p.m. Contractions 1-2 minutes apart, lasting 45 seconds. Checked and at 6 c.m. Because of the progress, was asked if I would like my waters broken.
    Agreed and lots of clear fluid.
    Was told to go have a couple contractions on the toilet.
    Had one contraction and 1o seconds later a very intense contraction. Called for my sister and friend to come for counter pressure.
    With the next contraction, I felt like I had to have a bowel movement.
    Somehow I moved to the bedroom in between contractions. Had one more contraction before they checked me and I was fully dilated.

    12:38 p.m. With the next contraction, Maria Konae came into the world, VERY quickly! I'm not sure if anyone caught her or not!!
    Maria was put on my chest and breastfed right away! I cut the cord and held Maria for at least 90 minutes before they did their baby checkup!

    Maria Konae
    40 weeks and 2 days
    7 lbs 12 oz.
    21.25 inches
    12:38 a.m.

    So 3 days later, things are going okay. Maria only cries when she is getting her diaper changed and it is a MAJOR meltdown cry!!

    Breastfeeding is going 'okay'. She sucks great but there are some latch problems so I'm already all scabby and cracked. Getting help from the midwife with that. It needs to get better because it is very painful!!

    Jeena is doing great as a big sister. She is always talking to Maria and helping me with diapers, etc.!!

    A MAJOR bonus is that Maria was born on Thursday and my DH was granted a special leave (in the Army) to come home for Friday and Saturday!! So he got to meet his second little lady! Originally he would meet her when she was about 3 weeks old!

    Here is one picture for now... more to come when I sort out the hundreds we already took!!

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    Birth of Alexandra Rae
    7 lbs 2 oz. 21 inches
    born May 15, 2009-- 531p

    Planned homebirth, turned unassisted birth bc of the speed of labor-- both daddy and the midwife missed it.....

    Me in our bathtub. I was sitting in there trying to slow things down, but had just checked myself and realized that things were going very 3yo Callie is watching. I'm waiting for a break to move to the birth pool.

    The room-- pool had just been inflated and filled by my MIL. Miles entertaining himself-- and a good thing bc my mom and MIL were focusing on me and the kids were just kind of "there"....

    We don't have pics of the actual birth-- but I can tell you the timestamps on these pics. The one where I was in the tub was 524p. The one of Miles on the floor is 526p, and this one is 534p. Yikes....I felt my water break about as soon as I got into the birth pool. Trey was listening on speakerphone, which was set on the window sill behind me.

    My mom is behind the camera-- but here is everyone present at the birth.

    Like Taya's orange headband? lol

    The phone so that Trey could hear what is happening....

    She was pink and crying. And we just hung out in the tub waiting for MW to arrive (we called her again right after baby was out and she thought she was 10 minutes away yet....)

    Baby was happy and I wasn't really bleeding at all (not even a seperation bleed yet.....)
    So the "bigger" kids got in the pool with me while we waited....

    Midwife arrives--all is well

    I eventually moved from the pool to the bed to deliver the placenta. Once it was out, we just put it in a big plastic ziplock and left it attached and left baby naked until Trey was home. He got home just after 7p-- so she'd been out for about an hour and a half. This pic is when he'd just walked in the door....

    Daddy cutting the cord (and he is the one with the hospital bracelet on....)

    The newborn assessment with all of her siblings watching....

    Getting weighed. 7lbs 2 oz. 21 inches long

    Some time with daddy- now free from her cord and dressed

    She still doesn't have a name...we're working on it. But she is doing great. Very content, great eater and getting lots of love from her siblings. I feel good. I was really tired (as was Trey) yesterday....but today we are both feeling better. I just couldn't sleep that first night and he was still recouping from two days in the hospital....but today we are good. I actually feel really good-- the afterpains when I nurse are strong, but to be expected with the 4th baby I suppose....
    DH Trey
    DD 8.03, DD 6.05, DS 3.07, DD 5.09, and DS arrived 6.17.12

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