Black Cohoch (OT)

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Black Cohoch (OT)

I was just looking up my great plant that I have growing in the front yard (Bugbane), and I realized that it is another name for Black Cohosh! So if anyone knows anything about preparing it properly, needs it, and lives nearby, it's right in front of my front window!

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LOL, that is funny that its growing right outside your front window and you didn't know its 'other' name until now. If you ever need it you won't have to go looking far!

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I took in a capsules. I know you can make tea from it which may be the easiest way for you to use it. Making a tincture is probably not too difficult, but I've never done it before. You would need to soak the leaves in grain alcohol for a time. Capsules would require buying an encapsulator, so that's probably the worst way.