Book/video recommendations for siblings

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Book/video recommendations for siblings

I looked under the resources tab, but I didn't see any suggestions for books/videos for preparing siblings for birth.

I found a good book today at the book store for DS. It's about baby coming and it's by the Sears'. There were only a couple choices at the store, so I may have to look online. Do any of you have any suggestions for books for a 2 year old?

We've started watching birth videos on youtube to prepare him, especially for the possible noises that could occur! Any video suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well!

We are telling him next Tuesday after our u/s that he is going to be a big brother, so I'm sure we'll be doing a lot of talking/watching after that Smile

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If you look back a ways (August?) I was looking for videos to prepare DSS for the same thing - except he's 11yo. There were a bunch of videos in that thread, though.

There was just another book that someone posted about this week, with the order link and it was a great price. The two Dr. Sears books (Baby on the Way, and can't remember the other) are quite good and basic. DSS loves them.

If you have a MW, she likely has a bunch of suggestinos herself, and probably even some videos and childrens books that she loans out. Unfortunately children's books about homebirth are sorely lacking.

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Well look who's preggers again! Smile Hey girl!!!!

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Try these links from this forum:

Some books particularly related to home birth:
"Welcome With Love" by Jenni Overend
There is a book called "I Watched My Brother Being Born"
Baby on the way – Dr. Sears
What baby needs = Drs. Sears
"We're Having a Homebirth" NEW!!! By Kelly Mochel

This is from the Resource sticky:
Books for Children about homebirth and natural birth:

Runa’s Birth: The Day My Sister Was Born, by Uwe and Inga Kamieth Spillmann

Mom and Dad and I are Having a Baby, by Maryanne Malecki

Welcome with Love, by Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas

Being Born, by Sheila Kitzinger

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Thank you!!!! I'm finding a few on youtube, but want to show him as many videos as I can. I'll check out the books too. I'm happy with the Sears book I bought, so at least that's a start!

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