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breastmilk icecream


I personally find it a bit strange and am not sure if I'd be willing to try it. Then again, maybe it'll turn out to be the best kind of icecream there is that you could eat. Who knows. I do find it intriguing.
However I think that one of the comments in the end
**The U.S. FDA is a bit leery of using "donor human milk." On its website, it explains why:
[INDENT]Risks for the baby include exposure to infectious diseases, including HIV, to chemical contaminants, such as some illegal drugs, and to a limited number of prescription drugs that might be in the human milk, if the donor has not been adequately screened. In addition, if human milk is not handled and stored properly, it could, like any type of milk, become contaminated and unsafe to drink **

duh. As for the rest, I'm sure they are made to screen things adequately, as stated earlier in the article. They follow the same screening codes as set by professionals.

**And the folks at Icecreamists say all the milk "was screened in line with hospital/blood donor requirements." **

So would you try it? After writing this I've had more time to think on this th emore intrigued I am.

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I saw this... I'm not sure HOW I feel about it. It's not that it's ice cream made from breastmilk, per say, that bothers me... it's the profiting from the breastmilk of women. I just kind of feel like you're taking something special and important and degrading it into a commodity. To me, breastmilk should never be 'sold'. Donated or given, sure. If this was something a mom had done for her kids or family, I'd think it was awesome. Making it a trendy, expensive thing to profit from just rubs me wrong.

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I can see that. One of my other thoughts was that's its hard enough to feed just your kid, but giving extra, esp pumping, is so much harder so keeping a "supply" going didn't seem very feesable to me.

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I was creeped out by my own milk. When some of it would get on my hand after pumping or when I was wiping LO's face, I was very careful not to accidently taste it cause it kind of grossed me out. Lol I think I thought of it as akin to blood or something.

It was great for DD until she formed her allergy, but not for me!!

There's no way I could bring myself to try it. Ick to the yuck.

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I think it's pretty cool, actually, but then not much squicks me, either. I kind of want to make my own now...DD1 would probably love it :).

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I have absolutely no desire to eat someone else's bodily fluids. I would make my own for my own child for fun, but for me to eat someone else's boob milk ice cream as a grown human... Ick. Ditto the PP who thinks of it as akin to blood. But then again, I'm also not big on the thought of my babies drinking another woman's BM... It's just the thought of sharing body fluids with strangers that doesn't go over well with me.

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Eh, for the same reason I don't really drink cow's milk I also wouldn't want to consume human breastmilk. I'm an adult, adults aren't supposed to be breastfed plus, I'd be pretty grossed out drinking another woman's bodily fluids. Hence being grossed out by cow's milk Wink I can see how this could become really negative too.

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I drink cow's milk, which when you think about it is really weird. So, I don't see any problem with consuming milk from my own species. I think a woman absolutely has the right to profit from her bodily fluids. Men get paid for their sperm and that has far further reaching consequences. However, I wouldn't eat it because I feel like I'd be taking precious milk away from a baby who could use it. Personally, I'd donate BM instead of selling it. BUT, I cannot donate mine because I have to scald it to inactivate the lipase enzyme (long story). So, maybe if there were an ice cream shop in town that wanted my scalded milk I might sell it to them and donate the profit to a women's shelter or something.

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Why wouldn't they just donate this milk for babies to use. I find it kind of strange. But to each their own. Wink

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Hmm... nope. I wouldn't buy it. But I'd make my own in a heartbeat. I've tried my breastmilk several times and I'll admit it tastes pretty good (until I get pregnant anyway). I'd just find it kind of weird to drink breastmilk from another woman. ITA that I'd feel I was taking it away from babies.

I've actually been considering making some for my older boys this summer. Lol We were pretending to feed a doll with a bottle this afternoon (because LO will get occasional bottles of pumped milk) and DS2 grabbed it and started trying to drink from it then DS1 gave it to me and asked me to "put Mommy milk in it" so he could drink it. ROFL They've been weaned for a while (both weaned at 13-14m) but clearly they remember.

I have to say, though... $23 for 10oz? I could make a fortune! But, I'd worry that if it becomes popular moms might pump to sell the milk then give their babies cheaper formula. :shrug: (the $23 for 10oz is from an article about it on ABC news)

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That was my negative thought too pico, that women who are low income might think it is more cost effective to formula feed and sell their milk and many would qualify for WIC for formula anyways so then they'd simply be making all that money off pumping but instead of their babies benefiting it'd be just to appease curious adults.

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I don't think I could eat other's ice cream milk but I'd make and eat my own. BM is so sweet that I could see it being totally good. Kinda weirds me out consuming milk from someone else but not my own even though I do drink cow's milk. Also odd because I did feed DS1 my cousin's BM instead of using formula to supplement and that didn't weird me out.

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Speaking from the perspective of a woman who had unexplained supply issues:

BM was precious. When you pump and pump and feed and pump and take blessed thistle/fenugreek/reglan and feed and pump and drink tons of water and feed and pump.... Then *still* have to give your baby formula, it's heartbreaking. Especially when you want them to have just your breastmilk and you work so hard to get them as much as you can.

It does seem kind of wrong that there are babies out there who could really use donated BM, could absolutely benefit from it, and there are women who are making such an abundance of (enough to help other babies), yet there are adults eating it just cause they want to taste it...

Really sad. Sad

Oh well, I guess that's the world we live in.

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"jaders" wrote:

I think it's pretty cool, actually, but then not much squicks me, either. I kind of want to make my own now...DD1 would probably love it :).

yeah this totally!

I started giving ds bm "Popsicle" (frozen bm) and he LOVES it.. i can only imagine bm ice cream would be great.. but then again i'd probably eat it myself.. I'm kinda selfish though.. if i were to pump for something like that where they were making money off of it, I'd want a paycheck also but I hate pumping and donated the extra bm in my freezer to a lady who's baby needed it.. (around 130 oz)