Breech Friendly doc in NJ?

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Breech Friendly doc in NJ?

A friend of mine is almost 37 weeks and her baby is footling breech. She's not necessarily planning a natural birth but she's upset (as most women would be) at the prospect of a C-section. Her docs subscribe to the automatic C-section for breech philosophy. Anyone know of a doctor in North Jersey open to birthing a breech baby vaginally?

She has a version scheduled for next week and I've thrown everything I know at her about getting baby to turn (, playing music down there, birth ball). Any advice you ladies can provide for me to pass along would be greatly appreciated!

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She can also try applying an ice pack to where the baby's head is and a warm compress down lower to encourage baby to turn. And she can look for a chiropractor trained in the Webster technique. As for OBs, I would look in the Tribes section of, they have good local info.

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Footling breech, I wouldn't try delivering vaginally. Frank breech, yes, complete breech, yes, but not footling. There's too much risk that either the cord will slip between the legs, or that cold air on the feet will trigger the breathing reflex. I would be extremely surprised if you would find anyone to take on a known footling breech for a planned vaginal delivery.

That said, I would definitely encourage my friend to let labor start on its own. Babies can & do turn during labor, and baby gets the benefit of those labor hormones. Ask for an ultrasound when labor begins, and if baby has flipped or taken one of the "better" breech positions, go ahead with labor. If baby is still footling, go to the O.R. And definitely check out the Webster Technique. It doesn't move the baby, but it's a simple adjustment that allows the pelvic joints to open more, which gives baby more room to turn.