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Thread: But *I* want a homebirth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexirunner View Post
    I got a really bad first impression on our tour. All they talked about was C-sections, and then hurried us out. When I vocalized that I plan to go natural, they offered no information or reassurance that they support that and instead, talked more about c-sections. Turns out they have a 30% c-section rate. At this point I wish I had explored my options further.
    If I'm negative for GBS, I'm laboring at home as long as possible, and hopefully will get into the hospital just in time to push baby out.
    Oh, suck! Yeah, if I were you I'd be staying home until the last possible minute too. Maybe it is even worth changing practices at the last minute if there is a more NCB-friendly hospital around? I know that can feel too crazy toward the end though.

    I've checked in with the 2 midwives recently actually (I suddenly had this realization that I wanted a homebirth a few weeks ago and decided to try again just in case) and both are still booked. I did my research and I know that there are only 3 in my area (there are a few more several hours away, but I know my labor is likely to go too fast for a midwife who is that far away). At this point, I feel like I need to just stick to the plan, it's too much ruckus to try and change now, and DH isn't totally on board with the homebirth thing anyway. I think he was secretly relieved when I couldn't find a midwife.
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    I'm right there with you, completely! If you don't have the resources available it might as well not even be an option. I have friends 2 hours away that get to have homebirths, not legally granted but they still at least have mw's to choose from. I have 1 midwife in the entire area that does underground hb's and she recently had a baby and isn't doing births right now I was heartbroken when I heard it. not that I even had a chance to "interview" her and had I not liked her it would've been the end of the line anyway but still..... When you only have 1 midwife, there's no choice, there's no options, it makes me sick and very sad. This baby is our last and I just can't picture having him/her in the hospital, every time I think about my birth I'm at home because I don't want to leave!

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