call for quotes for "Transformative Language of Birth"

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call for quotes for "Transformative Language of Birth"

Kerry from Hypnobabies sent this over the Hypnobabies yahoo group and I wanted to pass it along. The presentation Hypnobabies is doing at the conference is about how birth is influenced by language, and you don't have to have done Hypnobabies to respond to this request--what people say during birth affects all laboring women.

First of all, just a reminder that Kerry and Carole are speaking at the
"Uniting for the Future of Birth" Mega Conference in Milwaukee in early
October! Our session is called, The
Transformative Language of Birth and will allow us to teach birth
professionals how to alter their thinking and use positive wording which can
positively affect birth outcomes. Please post and e-mail this to EVERYONE!

Since our session at the Mega Conference is all about helping birth
professionals learn positive language that is extremely helpful to all
pregnant and birthing moms, we would like to ask for everyone's input! This
includes moms and birth care professionals.

Please call our toll-free hotline at 800-350-2204 and complete any or all of
the following:

"When I was pregnant my (caregiver) said me and then I felt....about
childbirth". (Doulas, doctors, midwives, nurses; any caregiver)

"My birth was awesome (or whatever adjective you'd like to use) because my
(caregiver) said..."

"My birth was going very well (or however you'd like to describe it) until
my (caregiver said ..."

If you are a birth professional, you can complete the following:

"I attended a birth where a (medical caregiver) the birthing mom
and it her birth experience (explain what happened, positive
or negative).

Please forward this to anyone who would like t be part of the process of
changing birth language. Thanks so much for helping us educate birth care
professionals how to become more positive and effective!


Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CI

Founder/Director of Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis