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Can I join?

I know some of you ladies from March 2007 and/or September 2010, but my name is Erin and I have a very active 3 year old named Christopher and am expecting another little boy in September.

Since the beginning of this pregancy, I have been saying that I want to have a different birth experience than I had with Christopher. While the outcome was wonderful, of course (healthy little guy), the process wasn't exactly what I had in mind (external version, heaps of pitocin, epidural . . . and lots of fear). I've been doing some research, and have decided to do HypnoBirthing, and am looking for a doula to help with our birthing experience. I'm working through the HynoBirthing book and have been listening to the relaxation exercises daily, while I look into classes. We will be at a hospital again, but the hospital we've chosen offers HypnoBirthing classes, acupuncture, reiki and aromatherapy, so I am hoping it will be a supportive environment.

Anyway, I am going to jump into this board for the last 4 months of my pregnancy, if that's ok with all of you! I know I have a lot to learn.

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Hi Erin! I'm glad to see you over here!

I'm doing hypnobabies and I really like it. I can't wait to see how it works for labor. I know it's not the same as hypnobirthing but I think they're pretty similar. Your hospital sounds amazing!

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Welcome and congrats on being over halfway through pregnancy!

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Sounds like a wonderful hospital to be at! Glad to have you around.

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Welcome to the board! My first birth was a pitocin, epidural, full of fear birth as well. Though i am happy to have my little boy it wasn't the birthing experience i dreamed of. But with my second that i just had in february i wanted a different experience so i looked into natural birth. I also chose the Hypnobirthing and hospital birth. It was an amazing experience for me. It was the birth i had hoped for at a hospital. Everything turned out great. Hypnobirthing and my husband really helped get me a great birthing experience. The hospital you are going to sounds so much better than the one i went to so i'm sure you will have a wonderful experience. My next birth i'm hoping will be a home birth using hypnobirthing. Smile

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Hey Erin!! Good to see you Biggrin It sounds like you have a great plan. I am doing Hypnobabies and have LOVED it so far. That's really cool that your hospital offers Hypnobirthing classes. And a doula can make a world of difference.

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Welcome!! I am going for my first 100% natural birth, using hypnobabies and waterbirthing. Glad you are coming on over!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy & welcome! Your hospital sounds awesome!

I'm also using Hypnobabies, lots of Hypnomoms around here lately!

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Welcome! I'm doing Hypnobirthing too, for water birth (probably) at a birth center. FTM. Glad to have you here!

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Great to see you here!!

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Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy. I had a pitocin/epidural birth with my first and an unmedicated hospital birth using hypnobabies for my second. I found the hynosis really helpful. Your hospital sounds like one of the good ones.

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I think you will get to see quite a few of us go through what you are planning and hopefully it will give you confidence in your own birth. I am due next month with my second child and plan a natural hospital birth with a CNM and doula. I am doing the hypnobabies home study course.

I also was terrified during my first pregnancy and birth. I was induced with miso, no pitocin, but still very fast and intense labor which resulted in me asking for an epidural. There was zero coaching or help from nurses or OB. Just monitors, cervical exams, and offers of meds. I'll be at the same hospital this time, but I think having the MW and doula will make all the difference. I am also doing acupuncture, energy work, chiro treatments while pg.

Your hospital sounds lovely. I wish we had some like that in Portland. We've got "off the grid" independent centers, but they are not considered hospitals.