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Can I join?

Hi everyone! my name is Kate and I am expecting my third baby Smile

I had wanted to birth naturally with my prior 2 pregnancies, but didnt.
Ds 1 was induced dueto being a week late and my blood preasure getting a bit too high. I was given an epidural but had an allergic reaction (and they gave me far too much), so they cut it off almost right away.

ds2 I was scheduled for an induction due to personal circumstances, I live on an island, we only had one car and an 18 month old at the time, and dh worked over an hour away....but when I arrived at the hospital I was in labor.

both labors were fast and furious, 7 and 5 hours, both with 4th degree tears.

This time around I am expeieinced and older and know when to speak up!!! I thought it best to listen to the hospitals suggestions prior, but now I know YOU know best!

I want a 100% natural childbirth. I am fairly certain our hospital also has a birthing tub, which I will use if I am able. They have a brand new labor and delivery unit, which I am very excited about.

For this pregnancy I am only seeing a nurse practitioner, who thankfully is very much like a midwife. But....I wont know if I'll be able to deliver with a midwifeor OB till the day arrives, its whoever is on that day.

so I thought it was time to introduce myself. I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning more about natural child birth!

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Welcome! And I wish you a great pregnancy!

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welcome. I hope your pregnnacy and birth go well

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Welcome! Can't wait to get to know you more and follow this birth.

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YAY! Welcome! Looking forward to following this pregnancy and getting to know you more. Smile So glad you came to join us.

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Welcome Kate! Another board we are common on Smile

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Welcome and congrats. Don't forget to sign up for a lodge. Smile

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Welcome!!! :wavehello: Lol

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thanks everyone!!!

Erin- I wont be cding this time around though Sad

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Yay! So glad to see you here :-). Welcome!

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Welcome over here! Smile I had epidurals with my first two, and went completely natural with my next two!! You can do it!!! Smile

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Welcome and congrats!

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