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    Thanks for all the responses and good advice! How did most of you go about finding a doula? How much did you pay for yours?

    I have a couple of friends/ acquaintances that I know who have done it in the hospital and at the local birthing center. I know for sure at least one had a doula so I will ask her who she used and start from there.

    I also visited the Birthing Center here. I do like it and I felt very comfortable there. They have a HUGE amazingly beautiful tub. It's got this mural behind it and it looks very relaxing. At first I thought it would be the only place I could even have a natural childbirth(besides at home.) I just wasn't sure if I, personally, would be able to do it in the stressful hospital. I think that may have been around the time I came on here and posted my questions to see if anyone thought it was even possible for me to do it in the hospital and I got lots of good feedback and Yes responses. I have started talking to my OB about it and DH and I will take a tour so that I can ask my million questions. If it ends up making me uncomfortable, then I will most likely go to the birthing center. I think we will be able to tell whether or not we want to go thru with it there. The main reason I am sticking with the hospital at this point is because I really like our hospital and have had nothing but positive experienes with the staff and Drs when I have stayed there before. Plus my OB has been there for me thru my last delievery which was the baby we lost and had to deliever. She was so kind and I felt so cared for by her. She stayed with me all day and night even though she wasn't supposed to be working. I just love her. Sorry- long again!
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    I found my doula online by doing a local search, though now, since I have been seeing a prenatal chiropractor at a local birth center, I have learned of all kinds of resources and places to find doulas. If you're in a large metropolitan area, you should find it very easy to find doulas, but even in smaller areas you can usually find resources. Start with - they have a "search for a doula" feature on the left hand side of their page near the top. The other best place to get recommendations for doulas: a birth center! Once I got a few names and looked into them, I contacted a couple and met with them to see who was a good fit.

    Or you could get lucky and have a great local resource like I found in my area:

    Doulas fees will vary from doula to doula and in different areas. The one I am using is charging me $500, and that includes all of the prenatal stuff - she's met with DH and I at our home, coached me on positioning, nutrition, etc. and I still have another home visit scheduled with her. She also will come to my home to help me labor there for as long as I want before I head to the hospital so I can increase my chances of a natural birth. Additionally, she will encapsulate my placenta for me for a reduced fee. She gives me a lot of confidence which is, I think, the most important part of a natural childbirth!

    Anyway, good luck!

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    It sounds like you really have a caring OB. I can see not wanting to trust someone new when you have someone you already trust. I'm very sorry for your loss.

    If you can't find a doula, a natural birthing class is even more important. You need actual techniques to have on hand for labor IMHO.

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