Can I still hang out here?

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Can I still hang out here?

So I feel sort of guilty for posting here and not having a natural birth experience. But I love the idea of natural birth and I feel robbed in a way that it didn't go as planned. I researched a lot and prepared for one, so I feel like I have a bit to contribute. But mostly I want to hang around and support you ladies, because I loved reading all the lodges here and routing for people during their time! But I don't want to come off as a know it all who didn't actual experience a natural birth. Anyways hope you don't mind my hanging here.

I check here a lot too! So I will be happy to start any lodges for you ladies that are expecting. I know Lynn will be needing a lodge in a couple of days!

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Are you kidding? HANG OUT! Lots of ladies on this board don't go on to have the experience they planned...everyone is still MORE than welcome to join in the conversation! You should update your lodge, too--I'd love to not have to stalk you on April to find out how little Henry is doing...your lodge stays open for a month!

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Ditto what Leigh said!

This board is all about supporting other women who want a natural birth, not about who actually has one!

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I agree with these ladies! I think you have lots to contribute as a woman who has been through birth with the goal of doing it naturally. Yes, things didn't go as planned but I think you made good choices when presented with the challenge of a long, exhausting labor. I'm certain you took away loads of experiential knowledge too that will help you provide insight to others. I've only lurked here before rather than being an active participant but I've seen many ladies continue posting about life with baby for a period of time after the birth. I'd love for you to continue to share with us about you and Henry too. Smile

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Thanks ladies. Yes I should update my lodge with some pics. Is it crazy that I haven't taken many. Just can't find the time. And I wear him like all day long so its hard to get a photo of him.

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ITA with the others! I ended up with two c-sections but I'm still here, at least occasionally. I *think* I add something to the board with my knowledge and experiences, and why penalize me because my kids were uncooperative right from the start! Wink

Now, if you came back after your birth and said, "Man, I loved that epidural, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I can't wait to get pregnant again & get another one ASAP, maybe starting in Week 37 would be nice," then I'd say skeddaddle to you. :biglaugh:

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Please stay!
I posted here with my first and ended up induced and with an epi (barely avoided a c/s). With my 2nd I never bothered to post and had a wonderful natural birth. I posted again with my third and again had an induction/epi (water broke, labor didn't start). This time I'll likely need a c/s, but everyone convinced me to try to stay hopeful.
You can't help it if things don't turn out exactly the way you wanted. You have a healthy baby! That's what matters.

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nothing new to add, just another voice to tell you you're awesome! And that this board is about supporting women in their choices and their experiences.