Can someone...

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Can someone...

Update the edd/ttc/new arrivals list? It's been forever since it's been updated. Thanks. Smile

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i asked this a while ago, we need a new host i think and would have to make a new list. not sure what all is involved with hosting. only the original person who created the thread can update it...

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I'm pretty sure anyone that is a host can update it. I've been trying to be a host in my birth board for months and I'm still waiting on a response. If I get one and become a host before anyone fixes it I'll be happy to do it lol!

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In order to update it, you would have to either be the OP on the thread *or* you would have to be a host on this board. Host powers only work on the board you are a host for. If someone wants to update the list before admin gets around to setting uhp new hosts for this board, you can start a new thread and PM someone from admin with the links to the old thread and the new one you started and ask them to sticky/unsticky.