CDC/WHO growth charts!

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CDC/WHO growth charts!

CDC is now recommending that the US follow the WHO growth charts instead of their own.

For those that aren't familiar, CDC growth charts are geared towards formula feed babies, WHO growth charts are for breastfeed babies. SO this is great news for those who BF and are constantly being told that their babies aren't gaining enough because they're looking at the wrong charts!

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The hospitals and health centers here (in BC) are starting using them this month. I'm curious to see how different they are.

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That's great! I've often wondered too, how the number of inductions affect these growth charts....

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I think that's great, my DS was always measured against FF charts and he always scored low, so we always had appointments, she had him go to a pedi for low weight etc... when they started using the WHO charts he scored closer to "normal"

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I know the study says they didn't find any difference based off ethnicity but I really don't buy that. Even european white babies tend to be smaller than american white babies in my own (admitedly limited) experience. I'm not a huge fan of 'charts' no matter what I guess, but that just struck me as a little off. If on average one ethnicity is generally smaller or larger as adults it is only logical to assume babies would follow suit. A friend of mine has a mom from the Philippines and is very tiny, her kids have never been on charts and her dr has never been concerned and always assured her it was because of their ethnicity, makes sense to me. But again, I'd prefer they just threw out the silly idea of 'charting' babies anyways. If they are eating, acting and looking healthy; they probably are doing just fine. I find most drs take that stance anyways despite the charts but maybe we just have some really great drs around here. Wink

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I think it is excellent that the CDC is recommending the use of the WHO charts. We didn't have issues with DD but we moved when she was about 6 months old, so her new pedi didn't have her prior weights to compare with--if he had, it would have looked like she was "dropping" in the percentiles.

I had a friend in AZ who was advised to wean because her baby was "small"--putting her on formula didn't make any difference. I know this probably happens a lot.

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I'm glad that the CDC made that recommendation. I will have to see which chart our ped uses.