Cervix Ripening

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Cervix Ripening

Hey ladies,

I'm a lurker, and NOT a natural birth mama Wink (big wimp over here) but I know you ladies are the most knowledgeable about things like this.

I'm 40 weeks pregnant and there's absolutely NOTHING going on "down there". My cervix is way hard to reach, closed, and hard. Baby's head is not engaged. He is WAY too comfy in there!

With my DS, I was about the same: only a fingertip dilated at 40 weeks. By 41 weeks I was 2 cm, and he was born at 41 weeks 3 days - labour started on it's own 8 hours before my scheduled induction. I really do not want to be induced! I would really love labour to start on it's own in the next 10 days - if not, I'll be induced on Friday, the 25th.

At this point in time (only 10 days to go!) what is going to be the most effective at getting my cervix to ripen? EPO? Red raspberry leaf tea? Lots of sex? :rolleyes: Is anything going to even help this late in the game? Keep in mind I haven't been doing any of the above at all before now.

Any recommendations?

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For me, I started taking black cohosh on my midwife's recommendation at 40 weeks. It would get contractions going, but they were really mostly practice-level ones, and always fizzled out. Then at 41 weeks, the day I needed to go into labor or else I'd "risk out" of the birth center and have to go to the hospital (major eye roll) she stripped my membranes (for the 3rd time) and told me to add blue cohosh. I went and bought some, took it, and went to the mall to walk around. That lasted for about twenty minutes before I realized that the contractions I was having were pretty regular and harder than I'd ever had before. I went home, they continued, and never stopped.

Then, later, when I'd been "stalled" at 5-6 cm for over 20 hours, they gave it to me again and I was complete and pushing an hour later.

These kinds of results are certainly not guaranteed for everyone, but for me I swear the blue cohosh was the ONLY thing that got that baby out in a (somewhat) timely manner. The rest of it--the EPO, sex, RRL tea, walking, etc etc....I did all that, but I don't think it actually did much. For me.

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Hi Sandra! I personally have never really used any cervical ripening techniques. I do drink the red raspberry leaf tea, but that is supposedly more for strengthening the uterus than cervical ripening. I would think that things like EPO and sex won't hurt--worth a try, I guess! Good luck, I hope baby decides to come on his own, soon!

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I totally suggest getting epo!!! I swear by that stuff. lol. I just got the actual oil and used a 2 ml syringe full and shot that up inside every night after laying down. In one week it took me from hardly effaced at all to 45% in a week. Smile Raspberry tea couldn't hurt either and they do have capsules rather than the tea too. I drink the tea though.

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I forgot you were pregnant! It's so quiet on the July 07 board... Remember things can happen quickly, especially when it's not your first pregnancy! Keep us posted Smile

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Sorry I don't have any personal advice as I never went through this Sandra, but the girls certainly gave you some good suggestions! I hope something works for you to get that baby out!!