Clara's birth story

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Clara's birth story

Hi ladies! I didn't sign up for a lodge, but I did rely on you mommas a lot for advice and encouragement, so I wanted to share my birth story. It's posted on my March '12 birth board...!-%28warning-long-birth-story!%29-PICS-added&p=8887592#top

It wasn't the intervention-free birth I was planning, but it was empowering and an amazing experience. DH who was so skeptical of natural childbirth turned out to be incredibly supportive in the moment and is now embarrassing me by bragging to anyone who will listen about how his wife gave birth. He is also totally sold on midwifery and was impressed with how they were there for me through it all. He said "I was the only physician in the room and I was the most ill-equipped person to attend that birth." Smile

Thanks again for all the support!!

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Amanda, congrats on Clara's arrival! What a great birth story! Sounds to me like you rocked it! You made informed decisions, surrounded yourself with people who would support you- and in the end, you had a beautiful birth! Congrats again, and thanks for sharing the story with us!

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You are positively glowing in your picture! Beautiful mama!! WTTW Clara... I love her name too. TFS Biggrin

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Sounds like you were a rockstar!! You must feel very proud that even with some pit you avoided the epi! Thanks for sharing she is gorgeous! Let us know how her bili check and weight check go! It is very normal for her to be sleepy in the first couple days. Just nurse as much as you can which it sounds like you are.

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I read your birth story yesterday while lurking around. You did an amazing job and I'm glad that you had such a great birth experience! I love reading positive birth stories because the inspire me to think that maybe I can actually do this.

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Wow, congratulations!!! I was waiting for this post Smile So glad she finally decided to make her big entrance! After two weeks of on and off labor, I think anyone would have consented to a little pit to try and kick it into gear. I wouldn't feel bad about that at all, your body was already in the mode and just needed a tiny boost, and I'd still consider that a natural birth for sure. Glad they could turn it off and you were able to be free of machines for the final moments when it counts most. Great story! I teared up reading it.

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Beautiful! TFS!!! ITA with the others that a bit of Pitocin to help get going what your body was already doing slowly was a great decision.

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"emansmom" wrote:

Let us know how her bili check and weight check go! It is very normal for her to be sleepy in the first couple days. Just nurse as much as you can which it sounds like you are.

She was down from 7lb 14oz to 7lb 4oz, but pediatrician didn't seem concerned. Also her bilirubin was much better...moved from the "high intermediate risk" category to the "low intermediate." They want us to keep using the blue light until tomorrow. I knew she had lost a noticeable amount of weight...I could just tell she was skinnier compared to her chubby self at birth. But my milk is officially in! And her poo today is no longer meconium, so I think we are on our way to everything being great.

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She is just beautiful!!! And congratulations momma! I'm with the others, you did a wonderful job and I would most certainly not sell yourself short, you were amazing!!!! Happy Babymoon!!!!

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Congrats on your little Clara! You totally did an awesome job and I'm glad it was a great experience! I enjoyed reading your birth story and thank you for sharing it with us. I agree, you are totally glowing in your pictures. TFS!

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What a great story! It actually reminds me a lot of mine in many ways...especially the conclusion Smile

Beautiful, beautiful family! Enjoy your babymoon!!

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Congratulations! Great story! I'm very impressed that you had a natural birth with pit! Smile Way to go!