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So I did take a birthing class with #1. It was just the basic 6-week hospital course but it is where I learned all the breathing techniques that got me through my 1st birth. This time, I'm unsure whether I should take another course. I'm not even sure what is offered around here (must ask MWs!). Anyway, for those that didn't do a specialty program (such as Bradley, etc), did you take a refresher for 2nd (or more) births? My first birth was almost 5 years ago. I do have a doula to help, just afraid to put too much expectation on her. What do you think? Just looking for opinions, input...

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If you are looking for something like the hospital class then I say don't bother. If you want something that can better prepare you then I say take Hypnobabies. But of course I am slightly biased being that I will soon be a Hypnobabies instructor. LOL

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since this was our first birth center birth, we took a refresher offered at the center. they recommended it if it was your first out of hospital birth. it was fairly helpful but i wouldnt say it was necessary. not sure if your center has something similar...or see if your doula will sit down and review/discuss stuff with you and DH. ours offered with our first birth, but we had taken the hospital class and I read a ton.

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The childbirth class I am taking is through my doula and is very different than the class I took before my first child. It is a natural childbirth class and has been helpful so far to learn different positions, relaxation techniques, etc. She is teaching my husband to do some of the same things she will do for me as my doula so that he can help if she gets too tired.

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I didn't take a class the 2nd time around though I did do a similar 6 week type class with DS1 born 5 years earlier. Personally I didn't feel that the hospital class was that helpful the first time. Our HBMW did a great job in helping us prepare for the birth, more than I feel a class would have. I would have been open to taking a class if it was geared totally to NCB or hypnosis.

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I didn't take a class the second time around but I did a Bradley-type class the first time. I did review the book I had to refresh myself on the stages of labor and good techniques for counter pressure, etc. If you don't want to/can't afford/don't have time to take a course, you could just read a book like The Bradley Method (something like that) or Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.

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We did the standard 6 week course with DD. It was OK but we went into NCB not prepared on how to handle it really. Besides being stubborn and set on no meds, if my mom hadn't been there, I'm not sure how I'd have made it through transition! DH teases that I'd still be in labor! LOL!

We just took a one night course on relaxation. It was through our hospital actually. And it was WONDERFUL! She went through all the positions to try. She did lots of practice breathing techniques with us. And she was just overall very supportive. If you can do something like that, then I'd say it's worth it. A refresher of the whole 6 week class, maybe not.

Otherwise, I'd recommend remembering what worked for you and practicing that with your DH. That's been awesome for us these last few weeks or so. Smile

Hope you find something that works for you.

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I didn't take a class either time. I did think about it the second time but I knew I could do it and really wasn't worried about it at all. BUT Birth was the only thing I liked about being prego (and of course baby afterward).

If you feel you need a class, take one that calls to you. If you dont, I wouldn't worry about it unless you had a hard/difficult labor/birth last time or dont have the support you had last time.

My "class" was reading every birth story I could and watching videos. I loved Laura's site.

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I did the Bradley classes, which I loved. This time I am not taking a class, but just refreshing my memory by reading a bunch. My suggestion is to see what the midwives say!