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What do you ladies know about cohosh? Since the castor oil did almost nothing for me I was looking up other means of home inducing herbs and saw this one. I went out and got the blue cohosh but after reading more am now thinking I should have gotten the black, but I'm not going back to the store as its on the other side of town. I was thinking of waiting till tomorrow no matter what just to let the oil get 100% out of my system (I only took ~ 2T)

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Sorry, I don't know.

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You'll want to take them together, or alternate them. Start with the blue cohosh today & then add the black cohosh tomorrow. Also, if you have a breast pump, get that out & get it started up. When my labor with Weston slowed too much, that's what got it back up to speed. After I'd enjoyed a nap. Blum 3

Also, you might want to consider downloading the Hypnobabies track, "Baby Come Out!" Even women who are not "doing" Hypnobabies have found it helpful. Just make sure you have a quiet place for about 15 minutes when you listen to it.

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Unless you are being put on a doctor's "time limit" I would wait it out. As hard as it may be, I feel that this is best. Plus that, nothing will work unless your body is ready.

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A friend who had a homebirth used cohosh (not sure which, or if in combination) and really regrets it. I can't remember all the details, but it made things kind of crazy and difficult, when she'd successfully had other homebirths previously with no issues. She just wanted to get things moving. Anyhow, not very detailed or helpful, I know. I asked my midwife about cohosh, and she is also not a fan. Just some vague feedback for you.