coming back for real! (re-intro)

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coming back for real! (re-intro)

Hi all, so I've been in and out of lurkdom around here for a while, but I'm gonna jump back in cuz I'm due in october with #4 and so I'm back - although i'm not a hugely frequent poster at any rate... so for what it's worth... Blum 3

Hi! I'm Ayelet, I live in Israel with my awesome DH and 3 little kids. #4 is on the way - just a little sooner than we had planned - but we're super excited and my 4 yr old DD informed us the other day that it's a girl. My kids have been right so far, so we'll see, and we'll be happy either way, although it would be nice for DD to have a sister somewhat close in age.

My birth stories are long - I think they're all on here, but maybe not my oldest.
The short version is, DS1 was born in a hospital in NJ at 36 wks b/c I was having ctx and was told that my fluid was low and so the dr broke my water - yes, that really happened. and i thought I was educated and prepared. But I didn't know I could just refuse to stay, that I could just say, "actually instead of admitting me, I'm going home and drinking a bunch to see if maybe I'm just dehydrated. i'll call you if the contractions don't stop."

Anyway, after 7 hours of labor incl 2 hours of pushing lithotomy style I finally pushed out a 6lb 2oz baby who's oxygen was low and I didn't get to see him for around an hour. after which I didn't let him out of my sight!

DD came almost 3 years later at home in NJ, in the water with the most wonderful midwife and doula. Everything about that birth was incredible and we named our daughter Odeliya which means "I will praise God" in hebrew.

DS2 was my first birth in Israel. We arrived when I was abt 10 wks pg, stayed in a 2 room absorption center for 5 months while we looked for a place to live. We found our dream town of Katzrin and a great house to rent at around 33 wks, and only about a month later did we receive our furniture and clothes and things that we had shipped here. I planned another HB, but the MW I had met was not great, we didn't click, and she lives 2 hours away, but I didn't feel I had a lot of choice and I didn't know anyone else. Anyway she ended up transferring me while I was pushing for no reason (but I didn't have a doula and even though my head was communicating that this was wrong, my mouth was not connected to it anymore at that point.) I caught my son in the ambulance in the parking lot of the hospital after a 40 min drive through the mountains during which the driver refused to stop to let me push him out even though I begged and screamed and cried. As soon as they wheeled me inside, the MW left me. That was it. DH was with me, but we were basically alone, in a foreign hospital that we'd never been to before, without an extra cell phone battery or charger, and I didn't even have a pair of shoes or socks.

Now I'm going through a lot of processing about this upcoming birth, realizing that I hadn't fully processed the previous one, and I know this is going to be a long and difficult, but I hope rewarding road.

And that's my story in a little more than a nutshell. Glad to be back with you ladies and to meet the newer members and looking forward to sharing this journey and your journeys here!

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welcome back Biggrin

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Welcome back. Congrats on #4! I'm sorry that your first birth in Israel, with your 3rd baby, wasn't the best experience. I hope you can process, find peace, and have a wonderful next birth in your new home.

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Hey Ayelet! I *so* remember your move and transition to Israel... and hearing about your birth experience there! I sure hope you're able to find the resources you need/want to have an absolutely WONDERFUL experience this time! :hugs:

It's great to have another July 09 mama here! Biggrin Love the familiar faces!

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Welcome back and congrats!

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Welcome back! Can't wait to here how this process goes for you, especially in finding a good midwife this time!

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Welcome back and congrats on #4!

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Welcome back, Ayelet. I remember your lodge from when your DS2 was born (I think I may have even started it...I was a mod back then). His birth story broke my heart when I read it. I'm so sorry you had such a traumatic birth and wish you the best for processing it as you prepare for your next baby. Congratulations on your pregnancy with #4!