coming out of lurkerhood

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coming out of lurkerhood

I have been stalking this place for a really long time and I guess it's getting time for me to come out. I never thought I could birth naturally, before my son I really wanted an epi from like 35 weeks on. Then my DD was super fast and natural unexpectedly and I was totally not prepared for that. I was very scared but during transition I finally gave in and let my body take over and it all went away. I was totally amazed. This time I want to go in informed and you ladies are helping me do that. I go early (both were at 37 weeks) so I'm getting prepared mentally now. Just wanted to make a post before I just jumped in. Thanks again ladies, for helping me even though you didn't know you were.

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Hi Stefanie! Congrats on Baby Number 3! Biggrin

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Welcome and Congrats!

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Welcome to the board and glad you came out of lurkdom! Biggrin Your kiddos are beautiful! Smile Can't wait to see pics of #3 and hear more of you story when the time comes.

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Welcome and congrats on #3! I love your DS's hair and both kiddos are super cute!

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Welcome to the board!

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Welcome!!! It is will be great going in this time knowing that you have down it before and also being prepared for it!!!