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    Delaying cutting the cord can help a lot. As long as it has a nice pulse, baby is going to get plenty of oxygen rich blood just like when they were inside. If need be, an O2 mask can be used right on your chest.

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    So I finally heard from her... and it sounds like everyone REALLY made a big deal out of it... like they even told her that if she had been birthing at any other place in country where she was (she was at, what I guess is the most progressive birthing place in the country) that the outcome probably would have been very different, and very bad.

    She did say though that her own body didn't seem to giving her the urge to push...and in the end she thinks it's because of the cord situation- BUT, baby did get delivered vaginally without any special maneuvers as far as I can tell (and doc even said later that it was good that baby had a long cord...) so I don't really get it.

    In any case, they are all happy and healthy now... maybe someday I'll sit and talk with her about it... it's one of those things... I think she's experienced some trauma over it (based on some of the other comments she's made)... but I also know it's not my place to help her process it unless she asks for my help.

    Sigh... I just want everyone to have a positive birthing experience!!! And I hate for her to walk around thinking, "I couldn't trust my body, thank God the midwife/doctor saved me/my baby!" But it is what it is... and I'm letting her enjoy her babymoon for now! So thanks for letting me talk about it here!
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    I think it is fairly common and usually the outcome is fine, but I do have a good friend who lost her first baby full term because the cord was wrapped so tightly around the baby's neck.
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