Couple of questions...

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Couple of questions...

Hi, My name is Rachel. I've been lurking and thought you ladies would be the best to answer a couple of questions that I have:

1. I gave birth in a hospital with my DD but would like to have a home birth this time. My DD will be about a month shy of being 3 years old when I give birth this time around. What are your experiences with having children present while you are giving birth. Should I have someone watch her downstairs? I'm worried that it will frighten her and last time I was very vocal maybe I shouldn't have her at home at all.

2. Has anybody had water injections to help with pain management. I'm thinking I would like to try it this time and am curious to know whether it helped anyone.

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I really can't answer either question, but I wanted to say welcome!

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I want to say welcome, also. I have not had a child present at a birth before, but what I have read is it is a good idea to let her choose whether she wants to be around you or not and to have an adult there who's job is specifically to look after her, explain things to her, or find something to occupy her with in another room or take her somewhere else if she isn't wanting to be around. I don't have experience with water injections, but I have read about them and have heard they help with back pain. I have never felt labor in my back, so I doubt they would have done anything for me.

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For my hb, my kids (age 5, 3, 1 at the time) were playing downstairs with my sister and mom. They weren't present for the birth, but got to meet their new sister right afterwards.

I've never used sterile water injections myself but have heard it works really well!

Oh and welcome Smile

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Welcome, and congrats!

1. This is only my second pregnancy, so this is my first experience with having to decide what to do with a little one while going into labor. My DD will be almost 4 by the time this guy comes along. I am not into having her in there with us while everything is going on, not at this age. I think it would be confusing, and possible a little scary. Plus, she's a bit on the overly energetic and loud side, lol, and I can see her being distracting. So if it happens at night I think we may let her sleep, if things don't get disruptive enough to wake her. We'll be on opposite sides of the house, so it may work. If not, my in-laws live a few blocks away and we'll have them come pick her up. If it happens in the day, she'll just go over there in the beginning.

2. I don't have any info about water shots. What helped me the most the first time was the practice I had done beforehand in relaxing on command, and relaxing during stress.