A Dad's Opinion on Breastfeeding (OT)

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A Dad's Opinion on Breastfeeding (OT)
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Awesome, TFS!!

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that is great!

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I enjoyed that. Sounds like my husband could have written it! Biggrin TFS

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Love it!

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OK, forgive me for nit-picking, because that WAS nice...but...

"My “boobs” have become his “breasts”. And before Cooper they belonged to Willow, and before Willow they belonged to Patrick . . . . I still have a timeshare option that has become vested, but I haven’t had outright ownership since 2004. And that’s exactly the way it should be. It’s not the same as when it was just me and her, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good."

When did this woman lose ownership of her own breasts??? Although it is very nice of this dad to support brestfeeding, he is almost just as bad as most men just going on and on about how the boobs are either his or the kids, but never HERS. I don't know about you, but, my boobs are mine. I use them to feed my child, and every once in a while (less often now than before) my husband derived some pleasure from them, as did I! But all through all of that- they were, and continue to be, MINE!

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LOL on the bolded, well he is just a man afterall, we can't expect a miracle LOL.

I posted it to my Facebook, what a great peice. TFS

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Love it! Biggrin TFS!

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i like the way he worded that, its very cute. i think my DH would say something along the lines of "i like boobs and babies can too"

He'd doubly funny because he keeps mentioning DD weaning... and i remind him that he's not in bed with me at bedtime, she's still nursing, its just very different now than it was for months on end Smile

he thought he'd get the boobs back (i know they are mine, he just thinks they are his, just like he thinks he runs the house... lol) before #2... WRONG AGAIN!

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TFS! That made me giggle and made DH laugh out loud. He's more of a butt man and doesn't really seem to care at all about the new role my tatas are playing. I think he's as proud of his BFing wife as the author of this piece clearly is :p.

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Oh that was too good for words! LOVED IT!

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TFS, I very much enjoyed reading it Biggrin