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DH's observations

So DH was watching birth videos online last night (completely a shock to me!). From what I could tell, he watched some homebirths and at least one hospital birth. I'll be at birth center but I doubt he looked for that. It prompted him to ask a few questions, which is great although I'm always nervous I'll answer wrong.

He asked about the risk of c-section and I answered that the national risk seems to be around 35% but that my risk would be much lower... went on to tell him a few possibilities that could cause one for me (breech, etc) but also why it probably wouldn't happen.

*My favorite was when he asked about epidurals though. I guess he was watching one on screen. Part of what he asked was what the risks are. It stumped me for a half a second since I wasn't sure how to express it to him. I ended up saying something to the affect that it can have nasty affects afterwards (he was around when a good friend ended up with awful, awful spinal headache from one last year), and it can increase risk of c-section, etc. I said more, but the funny thing was that he said "maybe that is why this woman ended up with one" (same woman on video who go the epidural was currently ending up with a c-section). Lol

Anyway, thought I would share.

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Wow! I can't imagine my DH doing that. Smile Pretty nice initiative on the part of yours!

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That is ver cool that he wants to be so informed and is so interested! I hope mine is the same now that we are probably going the home birth route this time!

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lol! during my 2nd pg, esp after we decided on a homebirth, DH and I watch birth videos together, and read "Spritual Midwifery" out loud. I am so grateful to have such a strong and open-minded husband! I like to tease him that he's the real feminist in the house!

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I think it is great that he is even thinking about it. Smile