Do MWs test for GD?

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Do MWs test for GD?

So this might sound silly but I really don't know the answer... do MWs test for GD? I think I have noticed from others that they don't do the glucose test. I will be thrilled to death if I don't have to do it.

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Midwives here are required to advise you to have it done. I was getting dual care through my HMO so I'd already had it done when my midwife said she could do it herself. She has you eat jelly beans or drink Odwalla, something equal to 50 grams of glucose that the test is, as soon as she gets to your house for a prenatal, and then she does a finger-prick blood test at the end of your hour-long visit.

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Mine do - I am doing 8 oz of grape juice instead of the glucola. I have to have it because I want to use the birth center and that is a requirement.

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Mine did, but they're at a hospital-affiliated birth center, not homebirth mws, so that might make a difference.

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My hospital affiliated MW made me get one with DS.
My current HB MW does not do them. She will recommend an doc. if she thinks there a signs of it and I should be tested.

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My hb mw does it. I did not do it with DS, but did this time since I did jelly beans rather than the drink, way easier.

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When I was interviewing midwives for home birth I found that the majority left it up to you to decide if you want to do it or not. They didn't require it but they gave you the info if you did want to do it.

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My mw does but she lets me pick how I want to do the test.

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I had the option both to do it or not and how to do it (with my home birth midwife).

I opted for a simple blood glucose test after a normal breakfast around my 28 week appointment since she was doing a CBC anyway. I skipped it last pregnancy entirely, but this time around I have consistently been measuring ahead so figured it would not hurt to rule out GD. Everything was normal. I would not (personally) drink that sugar again after doing it in my first pregnancy.

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I had to do it to qualify for the birthing center.

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My hb m/w offers the test but I always decline.

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Technically they can't make you do anything in terms of testing. Wink

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Nope. She has lots of beef with that test. A lot of her criteria for even working with you is to have a controlled diet, exercise, take supplements, etc. And I have never spilled glucose into my urine or anything funky.

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My midwives gave me the option. Since I had no risk factors for it I declined.