Doppler users?

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Doppler users?

How far along were you when you found it first? I started trying yesterday but no luck. I really don't ever remember finding my heartbeat with Tyler but I find it in like 12 different places now! It annoys me. Wink

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My midwife wasn't able to find a HB with ANY of my babies until after 10 weeks. It was 15 weeks with my DD because her placenta was anterior and that made it tricky.

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My MW wasn't able to find it at my first appt at 9 weeks 3 days. She warned me before she started looking that she likely wouldn't find it. At 14 weeks she found it right away. My placenta is anterior. A bunch of ladies on my October board has access to Dopplers and I remember that mostly all of them had trouble finding it until around 12-14 weeks or so.

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I still have yet to hear anything, at my last appointment I was almost 11 weeks, I'm hoping I'll hear on wednesday Biggrin

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Our MW tried at 10 weeks and found nothing but at 14 weeks was able to find it.

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Yeah I know its SUPER early. I was just hoping to get lucky! Wink I was able to find Tylers at 12 weeks but that was when I got mine in the mail. I had an ant placenta with him as well.

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The OB I was with at the time couldn't find it when she tried at 8.5 weeks so she sent me for an u/s to ease my mind (I had a history of early m/c) at 9 weeks and it was all good! At my next appt around 12 weeks, we heard it loud and clear.

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MW found it right before 10 weeks. Don't have one this pregnancy, but last time, I couldn't find it until after the doc found it and I knew where to search.

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Posts: 5634 my 28 week appt it took my dr several minutes to find my LO's hb. She is hiding in my back I think. Even when he found it, the hr was good, but you could tell her heart was no where near my belly cause it was really faint. It's been like that my entire pregnancy. We weren't able to find the hb for the 1st time til I was almost 15 weeks.

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I found it around 12 weeks, I didn't try before that though. It took me a while since I had never used one before.

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I actually found it yesterday and today!!! I was shocked. It took a while though. Today was pretty fast and I got up to get my phone and couldn't find it again. But yayyy!

It was 165-172