Doula Ban - OB written "birth plan"

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Doula Ban - OB written "birth plan"

Have you guys seen this? It's like a train wreck, you know it's going to be ugly but you have to go look.

Anti-doula letter

And then the *only* birth plan they feel is acceptable.

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I swear I turned a sick shade of nauseated green reading their birth plan. *vomit*

Wow...I sure hope most women are able to see through this. How sad and terrifying at the same time.

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awful! I can't even comment on all the horrible things...too many to pick.

I like how they suggest you have a good support person or two...yet they won't allow doulas. DUMB! Not that I would go with them in the first place, but if I did I would lie and say my doula was my sister Lol

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um, yeah, I saw it. There's a comment from me somewhere in the sea of responses. What's really frustraiting about it is that I'm sure there are a lot of women who just say "They're the experts" and go along with it without doing any research on their own.

I was thinking about the whole "doula ban" thing...what if you had a sister who was a certified doula? would she be banned from your bith...? Probably a doula sister would tell you to pick a different practice, but still, it's kind of a gray area.

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I had seen the "doula ban", but hadn't seen their "birth plan" yet. On the one hand, it is disgusting (of course). On the other hand, at least they aren't giving their patients the usual bull****...feigning support for a natural, normal birth, and then at the 11th hour, showing their true colors.

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Honestly, I wouldn't even trust that they do that all that well either.

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Wow. I just can't imagine being given that and then actually staying with that practice. It's really awful.

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Oh my! I know lots of women who wouldn't think anything of this birthplan or even the ban and that makes me sad.

So glad I will have nice supportive midwives instead of these controlling doctors.

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I almost puked up my breakfast just now. Wow. The saddest part is that lots of women would just go with it. Ugh.

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Maybe people can bombard them with letters and emails?

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Unbelievable. Can the OB even say who gets to stay? I would think that would fall under hospital rules.

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Hmmmm......well, I think banning a doula is quite extreme and definitely a red flag. The "birth plan" does not seem horrific as it is presented. This gives patients the opportunity to ask follow-up questions like: under what circumstances would you find an episiotomy "neccessary"? If I received this info from my doctor early in pregnancy, I would have transferred care immediately rather than in the third trimester when I initiated the conversation about a birth plan.

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The problem with the birth plan is it is the *only* birth plan they see as resonable & tell the women they shouldn't bother with their own.

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Not cool. Not cool at all. A doula is so wonderful! How can they ban a person that the woman in labor wants present?!?

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This is what I wrote in the comment section:

Birth Unplugged says:
June 25, 2010 at 12:55 pm

The things that are the most outright head-explode-y are the IV, ice/popsicles only, continuous monitoring, and the episiotomy thing. Some of their policies are not even in line with *ACOG* guidelines:

ACOG on fluids during labor:

ACOG on fetal monitoring:

The rest you have to kind of read between the lines to get the implication. Like how they imply that you have to have a fast labor to have a natural birth and how they send the message that using pain medications is The Way to enjoy your birth
Birth Unplugged´s last blog ..A Natural Third Stage?

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Wow that is just awful!!!

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I think I'm going to give my OB a big kiss when I see him Friday and tell him just how incredibly grateful I am to have him!

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I agree with the poster (on the "birth plan") that said "I see a lot more *family* and *close friends* showing up". Doula's in disguise!