Doulas with kids - how do you do it?

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Doulas with kids - how do you do it?

I've been thinking for a few years now about becoming a doula some day but the whole childcare situation has me wanting to wait until my kids are older... and I've had all that I plan to have lol!
I also think the market here is harder; there are LOTS of doulas so I may just wait until we move somewhere else where there may not be as many options.
I assisted my friend's birth a few months ago and LOVED it.
Anyway, so you mamas with small children, how do you doula? Do you just get some sitters on standby, a hubby who works from home, family close by?

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The doulas here usually team up to help each other out. You hire Sally and she's in an informal group with Lucy, Betty, and Donna who will babysit her kids at all hours or be her backup if she's at a birth when you go into labor. Sally does the same for the rest of them. If Lucy shows up for your birth, you don't pay her because you've already paid Sally. And Sally doesn't have to pay Betty for keeping her kids all night because Sally will do the same for one of them some day soon. They keep track of who does what so no one person takes advantage or gets taken advantage of, kind of like how a babysitting co-op works. So you might be better off getting started in a place where there *are* a lot of doulas with kids. Smile

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we mostly work independant here and have backups for emergencies. i have had to stop taking doula clients. my family won't help and my dh is not a kid guy. my last birth was this past May, my nephew and i was gone for 4 days and she was active the whole time, i couldn't leave her, i wasn't there to early. it was a mess with the kids and i came home needing two days to recover. it was also the most tramautic birth i have ever seen. i am sticking to post partum work now.....and with new baby coming that will decrease

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My dh is able to work from home often, friends have helped out, and it just works. I can't explain it. I had to stop my midwifery apprenticeship because my ds is adhd and my friends didn't like watching him. So I'm holding off on that for now, but love it the year I did it. Now I just take doula clients here and there. I let me find me, and don't do too much advertising.