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Early U/S

I know this topic has been addressed more than once on this board but I just have to bring it up again. Is it just me or does EVERYONE and their dog get early U/S now? I understand if you have a history of having problems or there is "not normal" bleeding but it's like a regular practice to give an U/S between 6-12 weeks now. I don't get it. I mean I got an early U/S with DS2 but that was for dating because I hadn't had a period yet after BC. With DS1 I had 1 U/S at 20 weeks. That was my favorite U/S out of all of them because I could actually see the baby rather than a little blob with a heart beat. IDK maybe it's just me but I don't really see the point of early U/S unless it's for dating purposes or to check for heart beat. There is a poor lady on my board that is scared to death she is loosing the baby because the U/S is showing the baby to be smaller then the doctors think it should be. The baby is growing and at 8 weeks has a HR of 120 bpm but is only measuring 6 1/2 and they have told her to prepare to loose the baby because the baby isn't growing fast enough.

IDK, I personally don't like early u/s they seem to cause more problems then they actually solve in my eyes. BUT this is purely my opinion. So please no judging.

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Here in Alberta, unless there is cause (possible tubal pregnancy or other issues) The very earliest you can get an ultrasound is 12 weeks, and those are only recommended/offered to people with high risk, over 30, or a family history of downs syndrome babies.

Honestly I've had more issues with the 18-25 week ultrasound, since they like to tell me terrifying things like "White spot on the heart" or "There is some fluid around the heart" all of which thus far has proven to be nothing more than glitches... (knock on wood, and stuff)

We opted for the 12 week scan (totally our choice) because I'm over 30 and part of a high risk group, the only thing we learned was that this little one was there, on target for size, had all his arms/legs/fingers/toes, and I had almost no chance of having a downs baby. Though we're not having more kids, I don't think I would do the 12 week scan again if we were... just not worth the time and bladder pain!

That being said I'm being sent for my 3rd ultrasound this pregnancy due to being past due, something about checking to make sure everything is happy/healthy and there is no need to rush in and extract the little guy.

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I have noticed the same thing on the BBs. I even saw one lady who lied to her OB and said she'd had spotting and wasn't sure of her LMP so that she could get an early u/s :headdesk: I have not had a u/s yet. I will be only getting one this pregnancy if I even get one at all, unless some issue comes up.

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Well, I've always had early ones, but I have irregular cycles, so we have to confirm dates. This time, I had 4 early ones due to being concerned about not being as far along as thought and then having wonky growth and the nuchal translucency one. I had the 20 week one, but she didn't cooperate with all the things they needed, so they want me to get another one at 28 weeks.

I know here are some concerns about them, but sound waves aren't like radiation, if we need them, I think they're ok. The elective ones with 4d etc, ill Pass on though.


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I should probably say I'm not worried about the damage to baby. I just don't see much of the excitement over seeing a little blob that has little nubs at most and having the risk of the dr telling me that they feel something is wrong already. KWIM? I get the relief of hearing the heart beat but at the same time if the heart beat isn't where they feel it should be and they say something it will cause you stress. IDK I just wasn't impressed by my U/S at 9 weeks with DS2 and can't figure out why people would make up lies to get one.

I agree with the dating U/S or the ones that are to help determine risks in the pregnancy. There's nothing wrong with those.

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I had a dating U/S with DD at 8 weeks because I didn't know what my EDD was. This time (different OB) I was surprised when they told me they do an U/S for the first appt on everyone. They said it is to confirm date and check for multiples. I don't see the "fun" in it either, but whatever. One thing I don't like is the OBs who do an U/S at every appt (there are several around here who do). I find that completely unnecessary.

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I agree. With dd, the dr tried to put me on every high risk category she could think of. Since I had had two previous m/c's and started bleeding at 6 weeks I got an ultrasound. I got another at 9 weeks. Another at 12 for the ntd test. Again at 20, and then every 4 weeks after that to check growth. It was a lot.

This time I got a dating ultrasound since I got a + test on day 48 of my cycle. The dr noticed the umbilical cord went towards my cervix so he wanted me to get the 12 week ultrasound. Then I got the 20 week ultrasound and last week I had to go back b/c of cervical bleeding. that was two more ultrasounds than I wanted but I understood the need for them. Fortunately the high risk dr who did the ultrasound said the midwives I go to can monitor the baby and me from here and I don't need another ultrasound unless they say so.

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I will say that I like having the early ones because otherwise Im totally paranoid about an ectopic pregnancy. And the gummi bear stage is cute.


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I had a few early ones because I saw a fertility specialist...they need the data for their reported CDC statistics. And, to rule out multiples, ectopic etc...both of which are more common with ART. I also liked getting it...it's hard to believe you're pregnant when you've spent years trying with nothing but failure.

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I had an early one this time because I was so uptight about a really recent miscarriage, otherwise my midwives only offer the 20-week u/s. They don't even have a small one in office because they know it would get used too often. Normally, that would have been just fine with me, but I'd miscarried at 13W had one cycle and was pregnant again, I just wanted the reassurance that there was a heartbeat this time.

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This is the first time I haven't had an early u/s. I'll have the 12 week NT scan and also the 20 week scan. With DS, they did a dating one at 10 weeks and then the 20 week, and with DD, I had 6 u/s in all. One in the ER at 7 weeks where I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage, one at the midwives' office at 8 weeks, another at 10 weeks, the NT scan at 12, the 20 week scan, and the another at 38 to confirm DD was head down. That was a LOT of u/s! All of the early ones were b/c of the bleeding. I was stressed out anytime I had a bleeding episode, so seeing the baby was a relief.

Honestly, if my midwife hadn't been able to find the new LO's heartbeat with the doppler, I would have wanted an u/s. I like having confirmation that everything is actually happening as it should! She did offer the u/s today, but I declined it. Hearing the h/b was enough! Smile

For the pictures, one thing that was cool was seeing the progress from 8 to 10 weeks. In just 2 weeks, DD went from a blob, to looking like a baby. The pictures are quite amazing in terms of their difference!

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In general the number of u/s's for low-risk pregnancies are on the rise - I read an article probably a year or so ago that said u/s's have risen 50% (some sites/articles saying even higher than that) which is just crazy to me. It's any wonder concern over the saftey of u/s's is also more promininet in our birth communitities. Now granted I say this but then always request an early u/s to see if I'm pregnant with twins (or more) lol We have twins, triplets & quads galore on my mom's side & I have twins - so I'm part of the statistics.

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I never had an early one with my first three babies... just the one at 18-20 weeks, where they do the anatomy scan. With #4 they scheduled me for one at about 9 weeks to confirm the dates with my LMP... which like I said was weird because they never did this with any of my other pregnancies (and I've been going to the same OB for every baby) and I'm not now nor have I ever been considered "high risk," and I was positive of my dates, always have regular periods... so I don't know? It didn't bother me, though, as I enjoy seeing them on that screen every chance I get. I had another one this past week, but that's because I was given some medication that made me bleed and start cramping, and when I went in to get checked they couldn't find the HB on the doppler. I really think it just depends on your Dr. and what their general protocol is. Like I said, though, it doesn't bother me either way... I would be just as fine waiting until the anatomy scan.