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When do you start taking it and how much (orally/vaginally)? I've been taking RRL tincture but ran out today so I need to get some more.. I'm 33 weeks and just want to be prepared for when the time is right to start taking it.. Is there anything else you ladies suggest taking to help move things along (once i'm term at least).

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You can start taking the EPO capsules at 32 weeks and start inserting some vaginally at 37-38 weeks. I never used the capsules and just got the oil and start perineum rubs at 35 weeks and then inserted extra at about 37 weeks. I honestly think it worked great. I don't efface easy on my own and when I went into labor I was already around 85% effaced and that was at 39 weeks. I also think the combination between the RRL tea and the oil was very useful. I did lots of birth ball bouncing, walking, sex, and even started cooking everything with oregano and basil. Wink lol. Don't know if the spices truly helped but they were tasty. Smile

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I took 2 500mg capsules/day from 36 weeks orally and at 37 weeks added in two more 500mg capsules/day vaginally.