Family Exercise Options? (OT)

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Family Exercise Options? (OT)

This is pretty OT, but I am hoping you ladies might have some suggestions for us.

My DH really wants to lose weight, but he struggles with motivation to exercise. It is tough for me because he works so much, and when he is not working, I want him home and not off at the gym or something. He wants me to come up with some fun exercise activities we can do together, that we WILL actually do, and they need to be things we can do at home or that we can bring the kids (a 3-year old and a 1-year old) along for. I have never really been very active myself--I don't do much beyond housework...though I've done yoga dvds in the past and have taken dance classes--DH is not really interested in those things, though he does know some ballroom dance (and is good at it).

Any suggestions?

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Biking is a really good one for the family. My daughter has always loved riding in her seat that sits just behind DH. You could either both have a seat on your bikes or get a pull-behind which hold two children.
You could start off slow, avoid hills and tough areas at first so that you don't get discouraged.
I know it rains a lot here, but the kids can stay dry if you have a pull-behind or rainwear in their seats. At least it is not that cold here.

The other option is hiking - planning ahead with carriers for the kids (although a 3-year-old can walk part of it and probably should for her own excercise Wink ). Again, don't start off too tough but look around for a nice local day hike. In Tacoma, we had this beautiful little park right in the middle of town. It was fantastic, felt like we were out in the woods near the mountains. Here in Centralia, we have the same thing - great for my 4-year-old for a 1-hr+ hike. During the winter, the problem is mud, but summer is coming soon and perfect for this.

If you are looking for something more in-home, there are some really good DVDs out there. If you pick something challenging for DH, you can modify to fit your own needs. We have lots of exercise DVDs and used to do them together quite a bit. The only problem I ever found was in finding something that suited both our different levels.

One last thing to consider is actually going ahead with a gym membership, but choosing one with a large facility that has child care. The two of you could work out together - basic exercise, weights, raquetball, swimming, rock climbing, you name it. If you do it together, it could be really great for both without giving you the feeling he is just gone more.

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We do/did family biking as well with a trailer behind one bike and then with DS1 riding once he was around 3. Right now DS2 is too small for the trailer on the bike so we have taken up walking/jogging. DS1 rides his bike and the DS2 goes in the jogging stroller while DH and I walk or jog. Sometimes I do this with just the kids and both kids seem to really enjoy getting out.

If you have a high school nearby your house with a track, that is also a good place to go. You and DH could run/walk/jog laps while the kids have fun playing on the grass in the middle and still be in your sight. Or bring along a stroller for 1 or both of them. Also most tracks have bleachers to run up and down (or lunges) which are a really good workout for your legs.

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Congrats on wanting to get healthier-- that is the first step. I will tell you that it has to be both a diet and exercise approach to lose weight.....but exercise is important no matter what.

Dh and I are both pretty into exercise. We have two strategies-- I'm the one who works, and like dh, I don't want to miss out on more time with the kids. So I get up early (530a most days) to exercise. Dh is home with kids, so he gets his workout while the two littles are napping (he runs on a treadmill in our basement....with an elaborate contraption of baby monitors and motion detectors to alert him to when a kid wakes

I think if you really want to commit to changing your body, it will require a commitment to exercise. I think you have to schedule it in as a non-negotiable and an investment in your health, or you will always find a way to not do it. There literally are 1000 other things to do.

But if you are just starting out-- an after dinner walk as a family can do wonders. Just go and walk for 30-45 minutes before the bath/bed routine. Good luck!

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We've been going for walks as a family - good walks, like an hour. The two littles in the stroller and the older two (4 and 5) walk. There is a fantastic network of well maintained trails nearby, so the kids can run ahead and play in the bushes, pick berries, look at the different plants, etc.

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We've been taking long strolls as well. DD is almost old enough for us to actually use our jogging stroller for jogging! Too bad it'll be too ridiculously hot here in a few weeks to even think about jogging. We bike too. DD is still too young to take along but your kiddos are the perfect age. Would commuting by bike work for your DH? We both ride our bikes about 50 miles per week and it really doesn't add much time onto our day because it's time we would have spent sitting in traffic anyway.