Fantastic appt with the GD specialist today!!! (XP)

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Fantastic appt with the GD specialist today!!! (XP)

I had an appointment and Biophysical Profile today with the specialist that is managing my gestational diabetes and it was great!! My 1st meeting was with his new partner, henceforth known as The Wicked Witch. Today I thought I was going to have to meet with her again and I was going in still angry and hurt from the 1st appt with her and ready to rip her a new one. However, much to my pleasure I got to meet with the other dr instead and the difference was night and day.

1st of all, had the BPP done and Clara scored 8 of 8 on it. Yahoo She is, however, measuring very big, which is par for the course as far as my babies are concerned. I am now 33 weeks 4 days. Her head circumference measured at 37 weeks 2 days Smile Her abdomen measured at 36 weeks 2 days. Her arms and legs measured around 34 weeks. So, yeah, for another large headed child to attempt to push out of my unproven vagina Biggrin hehe!! And I do know first hand that u/s are not a reliable way to determine weight (been taken down that road twice already) so I'm not worried about it.

So, then the dr (hadn't met him before) comes in and takes a look at her and remarks on her size. He asked me about my other 2 kids' size at birth and now. Well, my 12 year old DD was 9lb 7oz at birth and now she is 5'8". My 2 year old DS was 8lb 7oz a week early and is now 37" (barely on the growth chart). So, he said it looked like it was genetic and not from the GD. She is large, but doesn't have an abundance of fat, if she did that would mean problems with the GD, but that's not the case with her. He was so sweet!! He took a lot of time talking to me and letting me figure out if I had any questions, let me sit and think about it all and just hung out while I did, not looking anxious or anything. He said everything looked good with her and me. He also said not to worry about losing weight, it's just part of the diet. I'm losing instead of gaining now. I'm almost down to my pre-pregnancy weight already, which is great, but I'd give it all up for a flippin pizza right now!

This is the last time I have to see him unless a problem arises with my blood sugar numbers!!! :woohoo: I'm free of specialists!!!

6lb 1oz was the weight they gave her (again, taken with a grain of salt) Smile

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Great, wonderful, super DUPER news Biggrin I am so glad that he put your mind at ease and was so agreeable and ready to listen to you versus the treatment you got with the other doc.

Here's to keeping your blood sugars under control!! You don't have much longer mama and then you can have all the pizza you want!!

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That is great news. My kids have all been big too. I only had GD with one of them. Samantha was 9lb 13oz at 40w2d. Lilly (my GD baby) was 9lb 13oz at 381d and Isaiah was 7lb 14oz at 36w1d (he would have been huge at 40w, lol)

Keep up the good work mama. I really hope you can get the vbac you are wanting.