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Thread: feel like i'm running a marathon!

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    yeah, i'm still trying to spend some time on hands and knees periodically throughout the day, and definitely when i'm having contractions to encourage her to rotate anterior. for the most part, i can feel her back along the left side of my belly, so she's not totally posterior. i'm also trying to avoid sitting in a reclined position and instead lie on my side sorta leaning toward my belly a little when i am resting.

    i was up again last night for a couple hours with regular contractions...it's just becoming the routine now. and today my pubic bone is really hurting, like maybe she changed position a little or dropped down a little more, because it feels like there's a weight pressing on it.

    during the day for the last couple days i've just been trying to distract myself as much as possible...taking DS1 on outings with MIL's help, walking around the mall, walking to the park, etc.

    baby girl will come when she's ready....i just have to keep telling myself that. i told DH i am not gonna say anything else to him about thinking i'm in labor until either my water breaks or there's a head coming out!

    DS Asher born 11/29/09
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    I had a dream the other night that you had your baby. Don't know how or why, because I don't know your face, and I don't remember your name unless I'm looking at your siggy... but it was you, and you had her. I hope it happens soon for you! It sounds like you are really doing the best you can!
    Mara & Joel, 2009

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