A few questions!

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A few questions!

So I have done two natural births. I'm pretty comfortable with that. Both my boys were natural births with no issues. With my first son I just picked a local OB labored at home until almost 9 cm then went to the hospital where I stalled for a bit prior to delivery. #2 same OB, I had asked for no IVs etc labored at home until 9 cm got to the hospital and he was out in about 45 minutes. It was fast but I did wind up with IVs etc which was frustrating. So now I'm preg with #3 and we have relocated and I'm trying to plan. Now I'm only 5 weeks along and I have had 3 early losses in my past so I'm cautiously hopeful. We are now in the triad region of NC. We JUST relocated in October and have very little support network. I'm already stressing about our boys. Now by September it's entirely possible we will have more people to call say in the middle of the night....but well it is also possible we will not. Family is all 12+ hours away and I was 9 days late with my last baby so it's not like it's easy to plan around due dates. I would love a homebirth but that is precarious from what I've read in NC and DH is really not very comfortable with it despite reading. He's come around some but I think it would be very stressful for him and that's not what I want either. So I need to find a new midwife/doc. I need to make location decisions. I need to think about my boys and what we will do if the baby's arrival happens when we don't have a fall back. Do I have a doula and accept DH not being there? Are there locations like a birth center that are flexible about all family being there? I might drive an hour if my boys could be there. I'm a pretty laid back birther I don't think I'd scare them and I could have DH there and maybe a doula and the boys there. I'm looking for thoughts and was hoping some of you mamas might have ideas. This is likely my last pregnancy and baby. I'd like it to be a wonderful experience for my entire family.....

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Congratulations are in order!
Planning is good, worry less so.
Since I am in Canada, I'll leave the suggestions to folks closer by. Your goal is lovely!

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Congrats on your pregnancy & best wishes for a smooth pregnancy!

I don't have time tonight to look into it, but IIRC North Carolina's legislature voted for home birth midwives to be legal starting in 2014, so it seems you have good timing. If that's not quite right, then are you close enough to another state to travel to a birthing center? Tennessee has some great birthing options! OMG, how cool would that be to deliver at The Farm with Ina May and her group? Blum 3

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I'm not from your area, but I found quite a few birth centers in NC. I just googled "birth centers in NC" to find them. One in Chapel Hill, Statesville, Wake Forest, Charlotte.

A birth center seems like an ideal place to serve both your and DH's needs. Many do allow older children to attend the birth or at least be at the center. And as you get closer to the birth you can always decide to get a doula like you mentioned so that if your DH does need to tend to the children, you'll still have someone with you. But most birth centers, the midwife stays with you the majority of the time too, so keep that in mind and ask that kind of question when you interview them! Midwives are typically very different than an OB that only arrives as you are ready to push. For my births I was lucky to be the only one there and the midwife never left the room. Smile

Congrats, and sticky vibes on this baby! Smile