Finally get to post here!!

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Finally get to post here!!

After 4 years TTC I got my BFP this morning! I have waited so long and wanted to post here SOOOOOO bad!! And now I can!!

Should I post an intro post? I'm not sure how you girls do it over here. Smile

I wanted to come here right away though because I have a question. I am already freaking out, stressing, etc etc because, after 4 years, and am so paranoid that something is going to go wrong. I am going to call today and book an appointment with a midwife but that won't be for a few weeks at least.

Does anyone here do Prenatal Yoga? Is it too early to start in the first trimester? I found an 8 week course and they do say to do it for all three trimesters and it starts next week. I really think it would help me relax and de-stress and help me focus better. What do you think? I'm not new to Yoga (been doing it for 12 years) and unfortunately my gym doesn't offer any prenatal classes of any kind. Sad So I'm going to cancel my gym membership and point the funds towards Yoga instead.

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Congrats to you!!! How exciting.

I am Christy one of the hosts over here. You can sign up for a Lodge in the sticky above. A Lodge is started around 36w and stays around until about 1 month after you deliver. Other than that just post any threads that you want. I am not 36w yet and I post random stuff all the time. LOL So feel free to ask away.

I can totally understand the fear that something will go wrong. It is totally normal and even more so for someone who like yourself. Try to relax as much as possible. I think prenatal yoga is a fabulous idea. I am doing it and love it. Have you looked into any childbirth classes that you may want to take. You are way early for taking anything, but it might be good to just start researching what you have in your area or which ones you like best. If you want book recomendations we have a sticky for that too, but for me personally I would reccomend Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and Active Birth. I love those 2 books. They are great natural childbirth books without being preachy.

Again congrats and welcome to the board!

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Thanks for the warm welcome Christy!!

I will definitely check out those links. I really want a home birth, but we rent and have very light carpets, so I'm not sure how good an idea that is. Will have to discuss it with the midwife down the road.

I love Ina May! Her Spiritual Midwifery book is my favourite! She's actually going to be in Toronto on March 25/26 for a talk and I plan on going if I can:

I'm totally looking forward to spending a lot of time here and asking lots of questions!

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Welcome! It is never to early to ask questions... Just jump right in Smile

I'm Kris and I've got 4 kiddos. I had my first homebirth last spring and it was so perfect! If it is something you really want to do, then go for it!

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congrats and welcome. I know nothing about yoga, but it sounds like a great idea.

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Welcome! I saw your post on the DYSAL board- so exciting! I think prenatal yoga is a great idea. If you have any concerns about exercise in general, you can always just check in with your doctor/midwife to put your mind at ease. But I doubt that there will be a problem, especially since you've been doing yoga for a long time. I hope everything goes smoothly for you! Congratulations!

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HOORAY!!! I'm so so SO excited for you!!! Congrats!!

I work in a yoga studio - it's totally ok to do prenatal yoga this early. I'd pop into a studio near you and ask a teacher to give you some advice. There are some poses that shouldn't be done in the first tri/second tri/third tri, so you may want to consult someone to make sure you're maximizing your experience.

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OH my!!!! I'm so excited for you! Your post makes me so happy!

No advice, just a really, really happy welcome!!!!

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Welcome! Congrats on your BFP! I can only imagine that you are over the moon!

Totally go to the yoga!!! I have been practicising yoga for years as well, and really loved doing so while pregnant. Any competent teacher will ask you how far along you are, etc, and then be sure to point you in the right direction throughout any class. I hope you enjoy it, and that it helps you relax! Smile

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Congrats on that long awaited BFP! Welcome to the board. Smile

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Just wanted to sneak in and say congrats on your BFP! I know you've been waiting for it!

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Welcome! What a great surprise you got!

I do prenatal yoga with my pregnancy's. I think it is one of the reasons I had a wonderful birth with my DD. My instructor always asks at each class if there are any concerns or areas we want to focus on. It seems weird at first to let the whole class know what you are dealing with each week but they actually turn out to be a great support group, especially since you often take the class with the same people throughout your pregnancy!

I also recommend prenatal massages. I do recommend you find a RM that specializes in prenatal though!

As for home birth's, no help here, I am a hospital girl. BUT if you are prepared to have a natural birth, you can do it in a hospital as well!

Congrats again!

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I know I will have many questions and I'm already loving this board!

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I think it's important to do light exercise during your entire pregnancy if you can. Usually for prenatal fitness, they have you check your heartrate often so you don't overwork your body. I was way too sick to do anything my first trimester and I was on bedrest for the majority of my last. :eek: I did get to do prenatal swimming during my second and it made me feel so much better as well as allowed me to meet some other pregnant ladies!

My Bradley Method class taught us that exercise is really important during pregnancy to help train your body for the "marathon" of labor.

It's SO TRUE. I say GO FOR IT! Smile

Oh, and I had to add, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting for you!!

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A big congrats and welcome! I say yoga to help lessen your stress and worry. Have a happy and healthy 9 months!

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Congrats on your BFP! I always love to hear good news like yours.
Enjoy the prenatal yoga, it will probably help you feel so much better throughout your pregnancy.