Finally met my midwife!

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Finally met my midwife!

My long awaited first appointment was today! Smile

I had several friends recommend this midwife group, and my primary midwife in particular, so I was very excited to meet her. I really liked her a lot- very personable, someone I felt comfortable with immediately. I almost felt like I knew her already since I'd heard so much about her! I wasn't expecting to do anything more than discuss my history and have blood drawn, but I got to hear the heartbeat! Definitely was not expecting that since I'm only 9 weeks today! It was in the 160's- same as DD's at this gestational age. They don't do early ultrasounds as a matter of course, but she ordered one for me (it's tomorrow) because I have long cycles and she wants to get a more accurate date than just going by my LMP.

So it was definitely a good appointment. They have no problem with me going for a VBAC- just have to fill out some paperwork and they have to get my records from the OB who did my c-section (they have to have a record of what type of incision I had). So things are looking good so far!

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Yay to meeting you MW & I'm glad you clicked! Yay for hearing that HB too, so special.

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Sounds like a great appt. And yay on the vbac.

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Congrats on the VBAC! Glad to hear the appointment went well!

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that is great news! glad you clicked with her too, that is always good to have a good feeling right away Smile

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That's great all the way around!!!

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awesome! I'm glad it went well!