First Doula Interview Tomorrow

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First Doula Interview Tomorrow

DH and I have our first doula interview tomorrow night and I am very excited. I know its early but we don't have many doulas in the area and the ones that I have spoken with are already booked through November and its been hard to schedule interview appointments with summer vacations in the way. I really think that if I had the support of a doula last time I could have made it without the epidural despite the pitocin. I've been looking all over and have my list of questions all ready. I'd love to hear any advice on how you picked your doula or any questions you think are really important.

Side note, I'm a little sad my spell check doesn't think doula is a real word :confused:

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I think the most important part of a doula interview is how she makes you feel. If you feel comfortable with her, she is probably a good match. I hope it goes well.

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we only met with one. I had some other emails out to more, but the one that responded and met with us first was a great match...we could tell just from meeting with her. So I agree with's a feeling thing...if you click you will know it Smile

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I've done several interviews with all the same questions and the majority gave the same answers, for the most part. But like what pp said, go off of how you feel with the doula. I know the person I want to be my doula I didn't "interview" but she's has her doula cert and was one of my professors when I was at school and she's the only doula that I've felt comfortable with... and I've interviewed a handful, I started early (before 12 weeks). I just hope my chosen one is available, I won't know until more last minute.

But good luck and KUP!