Floradix and Liquid Chlorophyll

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Floradix and Liquid Chlorophyll

Anyone have experiences with these? My NCB friend says her midwives put their patients on both!

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My midwife wanted me on liquid Chlorophyll when I was pregnant with either #2 or was it #3? I can't remember...it's interesting stuff. She wanted me taking it because I refused bloodwork and she wanted to make sure my iron levels were good? I honestly don't remember much about it

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My MW suggested floradix when I was having trouble taking & keeping down my prenatal vit. It was ok but $$$.

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I have never heard of either.

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I took floradix after my iron level came back a little low when I was pregnant with DS. I actually kind of liked the taste after I got used to it--when the health food store was out of it, I tried a different kind of liquid iron and it was naaaaasty.

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My midwives put me on Floradix with my younger ones for anemia. Right now I'm just on prenatals and iron pills. I thought the Floradix was nasty but easier on your stomach than regular iron pills. I keep meaning to pick some up next time I go to SD.