Full term & Questions about Optimal Fetal Positioning
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Thread: Full term & Questions about Optimal Fetal Positioning

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    Default Full term & Questions about Optimal Fetal Positioning

    I am 37 weeks today, and have been conscious for the past few weeks that I don't frequently get myself into positions that would cause the baby to rotate face up, etc. My midwife said the baby's head isn't completely engaged yet, but it's headed that way, and he's definitely head down. He seems to rotate side to side several times a day though. Sometimes he's on my left, sometimes my right, sometimes face up, sometimes face down, and it doesn't seem to matter what I do. I try to do pelvic rocks, but I don't do them daily. I decided to watch a tv show the other night leaning over a birth ball instead of reclining in my massage chair since I know reclining isn't good, but I ended up throwing my neck out of alignment and had a horrible headache from that for the next 36 hours. I just don't know how to make sure to keep myself in good positions for the baby to encourage him to be in optimal positioning for when labor starts, without making my body completely miserable.

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    The only suggestion I can think of is hands and knees stuff (like spinningbabies inversion) and lunges but I use those to try to get him out of a posterior position. I'm sure there are others here with better answers for you. Spinningbabies may have some ideas too!
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    If baby is still flip flopping all around then don't go killing yourself. Just avoid "bad" positions as much as possible. It sounds like you have a really good sense for where he's at and that you know how to encourage optimal positioning.
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