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Funny story

Not sure how funny this will be to you gals but I have a couple funnies.

First, A few weeks ago DH was seriously groping my breasts, like I could do nothing to get him to leave them alone, in his sleep, in the morning I finally asked him what was going on and he told me he was dreaming that the midwife gave him a very important job that he needed to do. With me nursing he had to check my breasts and keep a track of what was going on with them, size, shape, any changes, etc. He had to get these and NOTHING could get in his way.

Hence why I couldn't get him to leave them alone. I was annoyed at first but now thinking of it it makes me LOL.

Second funny, this really happened.

So in our religion we bless our babies, not for any specific reason or anything, just a blessing to start out their life and officially give them a name. Anyway, DH filled out the papers so we could get the little certificate and so the church had the records they needed for their personal records, well it asks for place of birth. As most of you know I had a home birth with Lukus. Well, DH filled it out with our city, we don't have a hospital in our little city, so when he handed the paper over to one of the bishops counselors, he looked at it, got this really confused look on his face, leaned over to my DH pointing it out, and asked this says Salem, is that right?!?!? DH then had to explain yes it was and that we had a home birth. The poor guy was still so confused.

When DH told me this I was laughing so hard. Maybe it's the lack of sleep but both of these just make me laugh. Especially the poor guy being so confused about Lukus' place of birth.

Hope you gals get some enjoyment out of these, wouldn't surprise me if it's just me and my exhaustion though. Blum 3

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OMG, I was just laughing HARD about that dream - I told DH about it and he laughed too... so no, it's not just the exhaustion... LOL

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How funny! I can totally see my DH doing that kind of a thing while sleeping all because of a dream he was having.

I can also see the leaders in the church being confused by place of birth on the paperwork. As long as your husband didn't change your babys name during the blessing from what you had previously decided on...then its all good. My mom had a friend whose husband did that. They had agreed on a name and then during the blessing he was prompted to say another name. Needless to say, the mother of the baby was mortified. Lol!

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Nope, hilarious! Lol